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Discovering people’s strengths and resources at the end of life

On the 90th birthday of pioneering palliative care social worker, Elisabeth Earnshaw-Smith, we are delighted to republish this earlier post, which we hope will stimulate the thinking around the family and social model in palliative care. And you can download … Continue reading

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A Death Café in the Welsh Valleys

Death Cafés are part of a growing worldwide movement to encourage people to talk about death. Mark Taubert, Clinical Director Palliative Medicine and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University School of Medicine, Cardiff, Wales, UK, joined forces with colleagues to … Continue reading

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Art therapy and the restoration of capacity in palliative care

CATCH UP WITH SOME OF OUR ‘PAST POSTS’ – TODAY WE’RE REPUBLISHING ONE OF OUR FAVOURITE POSTS FROM THE ARTS IN PALLIATIVE CARE SERIES.   The series looks at how the arts in palliative care settings can be a powerful … Continue reading

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Why do people with lung disease suffer every day from chronic breathlessness?

The Better-B survey on chronic breathlessness aims to answer this important question in order to improve patient care. But more palliative care physicians are urgently needed to complete the survey. Currently, only 30 per cent palliative care specialists have responded … Continue reading

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Bringing Breathlessness into View – a multimedia exhibition on living well with breathlessness

Ann Hutchinson and Miriam Johnson from the Hull York Medical School, University of Hull, United Kingdom, describe how they are using a multimedia exhibition to help people to live well with breathlessness. The exhibition was held during the UK’s recent annual awareness … Continue reading

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‘So isolation comes in, discrimination and you find many people dying quietly without any family support’: Accessing palliative care for key populations

THIS MONTH’S EDITOR’S CHOICE FROM PALLIATIVE MEDICINE … Jenny Hunt, Katherine Bristowe, Sybille Chidyamatare and Richard Harding explain the background to their longer article published in the June issue of ‘Palliative Medicine’. We were delighted with the selection of our publication as ‘Editor’s … Continue reading

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APCP Social Work Task Force translates ‘Core competencies for palliative care social work in Europe’ into Portuguese

Carla Reigada, on behalf of the Portuguese Association of Palliative Care (APCP) Social Work Task Force, introduces the Portuguese translation of this essential document and encourages others to translate it into their languages. Writing in the European Association for Palliative … Continue reading

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