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Taking palliative care to the top: My meeting with Dr Tedros

Lucy Watts MBE is a patient advocate, a young person’s representative for numerous charities and projects, and founder of the Palliative Care Voices global patient advocacy network. Here, she describes a memorable meeting with the Director-General of the World Health Organization … Continue reading

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Dementia and Palliative Care – A Good Fit?

Fran McInerney, Professor of Dementia Studies and Education at the Wicking Dementia Research & Education Centre, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia, explores the background to and some implications of the longer article she and colleagues published in the March issue … Continue reading

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Dementia, what is the role of the Specialist Palliative Care Service?

Jacinta Kelly, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Community Palliative Care Team, North West Hospice, Sligo, and Dympna O’Connell, Lecturer, Department of Nursing at St Angela’s College, Sligo, Ireland, explain the background to their longer article published in the January/February issue of the … Continue reading

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CARE – a show about the people who bring life to days

In this series, The Arts in Palliative Care, we look at how the arts in palliative care settings can be a powerful and effective way of addressing the practical, psychological, social and spiritual issues that face people at the end … Continue reading

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Discovering people’s strengths and resources at the end of life

David Oliviere, Social Worker, Counsellor and Educationalist, describes the influence of Elisabeth Earnshaw-Smith on social work in palliative care – a backgrounder to David’s longer article in the January/February issue of the European Journal of Palliative Care. Who was it … Continue reading

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Seven songs for a long life

Dr Erna Haraldsdottir, Director of Education and Research/Senior Lecturer at St Columba’s Hospice/Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, describes a collaborative project between patients, staff and a documentary film-maker that is energising and meaningful for patients and teaches us about … Continue reading

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Trauma, dying and somatic experiencing

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is more common in the dying, their families and the bereaved than you might think. Dr Louis Heyse-Moore, a retired consultant in palliative medicine, counsellor and writer, explains how recent advances in the treatment of PTSD may … Continue reading

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