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More knowledge, more action: Palliative care for people with a migration background

We are delighted to publish a new series with a selection of posters that caught our attention at the 9th World Congress of the EAPC Research Network in Dublin last year. Conference posters are an important feature of every European … Continue reading

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Germany has developed National Guideline on Palliative Care for Patients with Incurable Cancer

For the first time in Germany, a national guideline will provide evidence and consensus-based recommendations for best practice in palliative care. Project team leaders, Claudia Bausewein, Steffen Simon and Raymond Voltz explain. Following a four-year-project under the leadership of the German Association … Continue reading


Palliative care in respiratory disease

Professor David C Currow, Palliative and Supportive Services, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia and Professor Claudia Bausewein Director of the Department for Palliative Medicine at Munich University Hospital and Chair in Palliative Medicine at Munich University, Germany, and Professor Miriam J Johnson, Professor … Continue reading

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Management of malignant bowel obstruction with Lanreotide for a community palliative care patient

Dr Kate Markham, Dr Shan Shan Vijeratnam and Dr Pia Amsler, Isabel Hospice, Welwyn Garden City, UK, explain the background to their longer article published in the November/December edition of the European Journal of Palliative Care. We are doctors from … Continue reading

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Use of antibiotics in Singapore

Dr Eng Koon, Division of Palliative Medicine, National Cancer Centre Singapore, explains the background to his longer article, published in the current edition of the European Journal of Palliative Care – a reminder that even common (and seemingly uncomplicated) treatments need … Continue reading

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InSup-C launches new book on integrated palliative care – InSup-C publica un nuevo libro sobre cuidados paliativos integrados  

Haga clic aquí para obtener la versión en español  The InSup-C project has been investigating the best way to deliver integrated palliative care to people who have advanced cancer, heart failure or lung disease as they come towards the end … Continue reading

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Talk CPR Project – improving communication in palliative illness

Dr Mark Taubert is Clinical Director for Palliative Medicine, Velindre NHS Trust, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, and a member of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) social media team. Here, Mark explains how a new website aims to dispel … Continue reading

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