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How has COVID-19 impacted on the role of palliative care social workers?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacted on many aspects of health and care delivery. On World Social Work Day 2022, Dr Audrey Roulston, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Queen’s University Belfast / Co-Chair of the EAPC Social Work Task Force and Dr Jana … Continue reading

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New EAPC Reference Group on Family Carers – The International Palliative Care Family Carer Research Collaboration (IPCFRC) 

Professor Peter Hudson, Chair, and Professor Gunn Grande, Co-Chair, The International Palliative Care Family Carer Research Collaboration (IPCFRC) European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) Reference Group, introduce the work of one of the EAPC’s newest reference groups.   A core tenet of palliative … Continue reading

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Discovering people’s strengths and resources at the end of life

On the 90th birthday of pioneering palliative care social worker, Elisabeth Earnshaw-Smith, we are delighted to republish this earlier post, which we hope will stimulate the thinking around the family and social model in palliative care. And you can download … Continue reading

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APCP Social Work Task Force translates ‘Core competencies for palliative care social work in Europe’ into Portuguese

Carla Reigada, on behalf of the Portuguese Association of Palliative Care (APCP) Social Work Task Force, introduces the Portuguese translation of this essential document and encourages others to translate it into their languages. Writing in the European Association for Palliative … Continue reading

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A tribute to Julia Franklin – a palliative care social worker who stood firm for caring relationships

In 2015, we published ‘Palliative Stories’, a series of posts from the perspective of patients and family carers. One of our contributors was Julia Franklin who described what it felt like to change gear from health professional to patient. We are … Continue reading

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