The EAPC blog publishes engaging, interesting and thought-provoking articles, and provides an online platform for opinion, debate and personal perspectives on palliative and hospice care in Europe and beyond. The blog was established in 2012. It has readers in 227 countries across the world and has had over 975,000 views. 

Our blog promotes the EAPC’s vision –  

And the EAPC’s values of: 

  • Excellence in palliative care
  • Interprofessional working and representation
  • Embracing equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Working collaboratively.

 To support these aims, we encourage submission of palliative care blogs relating to: 

  • Information (new initiatives and developments), 
  • Research (information and updates about the latest in palliative care research), 
  • Education (highlighting educational initiatives, successful projects, and developments in education), 
  • EAPC events and updates. 

Our multi-professional, European Editorial Team ensures that we deliver a robust, timely and supportive reviewing process enabling us to publish high quality, topical content for anyone interested or involved in hospice and palliative care.  Acceptance by the Editorial Team is necessary in all cases, and no posts will be automatically published. Read more about our Editorial Team here

Who are our readers?  
Our blog is for all of those working or with an interest in palliative care including health and social care practitioners, academics and researchers. The blog may also be of interest to people receiving palliative care, their relatives and the public.  

Who contributes to the EAPC blog? 
The blog has many contributors including researchers, academics, health and social care practitioners, national and professional palliative care associations, hospice and palliative care services, advocacy consultants, global organisations, people receiving palliative care and their relatives and other key stakeholders. While Europe remains the principal source of our blog posts, we publish contributions from across the world, demonstrating the significance of the EAPC blog to the global palliative care community.  

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To find out more or to submit a blog, please contact the blog editor here.  

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