The EAPC brings together many voices to forge a vision of excellence in palliative care that meets the needs of patients and their families. It strives to develop and promote palliative care in Europe through information, education and research using multi-professional collaboration while engaging with stakeholders at all levels.

In February 2012, the EAPC launched a blog as part of its social media activities programme to provide a platform for different views and personal perspectives on palliative and hospice care in Europe and beyond ­ – from moving stories to improved care. The blog is aimed at EAPC individual and collective members, and anyone involved, or interested, in palliative and hospice care worldwide.

Who contributes to the EAPC blog?
Some ‘posts’ are commissioned by our social media team.  This may be because we’d like a view or an opinion from an expert in a specific area of palliative care that we’d like to bring to your attention. But we also warmly welcome contributions from other individuals and organisations involved in the palliative care community and beyond. You may want to submit a post of your own, or simply to comment on someone else’s post, but whatever you choose to do you are welcome to join in.

Comments are welcomed but in order to encourage a lively and constructive discussion we ask that anyone contributing should be fair and respectful of others. People making comments are reminded that they are personally responsible for what they post on our blog. All comments will be moderated before being published and we reserve the right not to publish any comments that we consider inappropriate for the blog.

What about editorial control?
An important feature of the blog is that it should reflect a diversity of personal views and opinions on today’s topical issues in palliative care. However, as a guiding principle, we do insist that all content conforms to the mission and ethical standards that are upheld by the EAPC, and we therefore reserve the right to refuse any contribution that contravenes these principles. On occasion, we may also reject a contribution on the grounds that it may not be sufficiently topical or personal, or that it is overtly promoting a ‘product’, but we will always discuss this with you so that you can re-submit a revised version. As with any publication, we also reserve the right to modify posts for length and readability.

The blog and other social media activities are managed by the EAPC head office.

To find out more, or to contribute, please refer to our ‘Contributor’s Guidelines’ or email: avriljacksoneapc@gmail.com

Full details of all other terms and conditions are published in the ‘Disclaimer’.

To contact the EAPC Head Office:
Email: info@eapcnet.eu
Web: www.eapcnet.eu

© EAPC Vzw 2017. All rights reserved.

8 August 2017.

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