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MedLang Palliative Care – new digital tool to advance education and training in Europe

NEW SERIES: HOSPICE AND PALLIATIVE CARE IN EASTERN AND CENTRAL EUROPE Romania is one of four countries leading an innovative project to improve palliative care education in Europe that is available in six languages. The Romanian project is directed by … Continue reading

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Shout out to peers, mentors, teachers, and educators in palliative care

Equipping teachers with best philosophy, self-help methods and teaching strategies is a part of palliative care education that needs further attention, investigation and development. Piret Paal, Researcher and coordinator at the WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing Research and Education at … Continue reading

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There is still a great deal to be done for patients with delirium – palliative care physicians and geriatricians team up on World Delirium Day

HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER LA VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL Dr Gabriela Picco, an internal medicine and palliative care physician, Palliative Care Unit, Hospital San Juan de Dios, Pamplona, Spain, and Silvia Echavarren Zozaya, Communications Officer, Hospital San Juan de Dios, describe … Continue reading


ECHO ­– working collaboratively to reach more patients

Professor Max Watson is a palliative care clinician and Director of Project ECHO at Hospice UK in London. In this background post to his longer article published in the November/December issue of the European Journal of Palliative Care, Max explains how the … Continue reading

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A medical student’s journey into palliative care

Lucy Taylor is a fourth-year medical student at the University of Leicester, Leicester, UK. Her winning entry for the Royal Society of Medicine Palliative Care Section’s essay prize on the future of palliative care is published in the September/October issue … Continue reading

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Facing death creatively at St Christopher’s

In this new series, The Arts in Palliative Care, we look at how the arts in palliative care settings can be a powerful and effective way of addressing the practical, psychological, social and spiritual issues that face people at the … Continue reading

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Breaking Barriers: Towards a WHO policy for strengthening palliative care education for all healthcare professionals

Frank Elsner, Phil Larkin, Stefan Lorenzl and Piret Paal explain why it’s important that all EAPC members contribute to a new EAPC online survey to evaluate the core elements of palliative care and shape our teaching and learning strategies. The … Continue reading

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