Making the most of Twitter at #EAPC2017

Ahead of the 15th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care here’s another post from congress contributors . . .

James Norris, Katherine Sleeman, Catherine Walshe and Julie Ling, give a glimpse of two sessions designed to keep you tweeting with expertise and confidence during the congress.

James Norris

Katherine Sleeman

Catherine Walshe

Julie Ling


Are you sceptical about Twitter, but willing to dip your toe a little more into the social media waters? Have you never used Twitter or tweeted, but want to know more about how to be a more effective Twitter user? If so, we have two sessions explicitly designed to help you get the most out of Twitter and other social media at EAPC2017.

Many of us now carry a computer in our pocket in the form of a smartphone. Some of us will be familiar with social media and quite a few will have at least one social media account, but is Twitter one of them? And, how can using Twitter at conferences translate into something helpful in palliative care?

Twitter is free to use and is a way of communicating and staying connected through the exchange of short (no more than 140 characters) and frequent messages known as Tweets. You can improve the reach of your Tweets by adding a photo, a web link, numbers and data. Twitter is increasingly used in clinical academia to share and disseminate information, engage stakeholders, and stimulate discussion.

By using the congress hashtag #EAPC2017 you will immediately have access to a community of people who are interested in the same topic as you. Adding #EAPC2017 in your Tweets will mean they can be seen by anyone searching the hashtag, whether they are attending the congress or not. With parallel sessions occurring in different venues, searching the #EAPC2017 hashtag will allow you to catch up with sessions you are not able to attend. Tweeting can lead to conversations, in real life and online, that you might not otherwise have had, with speakers, leaders in the field, and other delegates.

Twitter Workshop – 08.00 Thursday 18 May

The first session will be a Twitter workshop and takes place at 08.00 on the first day of the 15th EAPC World Congress in Madrid on Thursday 18th May in room N114. The session will cover the basics of getting started on Twitter, setting up your account, how to tweet, how to use hashtags (such as #EAPC2017), and advice for increasing the reach and impact of your tweets. This session will be run by James Norris. James is the founder of the Digital Legacy Association and a lecturer in digital and social media at University College London. The Digital Legacy Association helps professionals understand the internet and social media within the context of end-of-life care and bereavement. James’ Twitter handle is @JamesNorris.

Meet the Expert session ­ – 08.00 Friday 19 May

The second session, ‘Meet the Expert’, will explore evidence around the benefits and opportunities for clinicians and academics of using social media, for example through personal development, networking, increasing the impact of your research, and altmetrics. This session will be run by Katherine Sleeman (@kesleeman, clinician and academic @csi_kcl) and Catherine Walshe (@cewalshe, palliative care researcher @IOELC and Editor @PalliativeMedJ). This session takes place at 08.00 on Friday 19th May.

We hope to see you at one or both sessions. As an added incentive, we will be awarding the inaugural EAPC Twitter Prize to the person whose tweet best captures the spirit of the congress. Charge up your smartphone or tablet, and learn what social media has to offer!

Follow us!

James Norris:  @JamesNorris
Katherine Sleeman: @kesleeman and @csi_kcl
Catherine Walshe: @cewalshe and @IOELC and @PalliativeMedJ
Julie Ling:  @julieling1

Join us in Madrid for the 15th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care – #EAPC2017

Making the Most of Twitter at #EAPC2017 – An Interactive Workshop:
08.00 Thursday 18 May, room N114. 

Meet the Expert session: Joining a Global Conversation: An Interactive Session on Social Media in Palliative Care, 08.00 Friday19 May room N103

To view the full congress programme and to register, please visit the congress website.

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