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EAPC Blog – Terms and conditions

The EAPC Blog contains the personal opinions of the writers and these do not necessarily represent those of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC Vzw), unless otherwise stated.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of content contained in individual posts, or that the material on the blog is kept up-to-date.

Your comments are welcomed but in order to encourage a lively discussion please be constructive, fair and respectful of others.

You are personally responsible for what you post on our blog.

All comments will be moderated before being published on our blog.

We reserve the right not to publish any comments that we consider inappropriate for the blog.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at anytime in the future.

If you have any questions about the above please contact us at the address below.

External website links
The EAPC is not responsible for the content of other websites that you may access via links from content on this site (www.eapcnet.wordpress.com). We suggest that you comply with any copyright restrictions applicable to material downloaded from websites accessed from our site.

The EAPC tries to maintain up-to-date links to other relevant websites but is not responsible for the accuracy of these links, which may change without our knowledge. If you find errors in any link on this website please contact us at the address below.

We are usually pleased for other organisations to create links to this site. However, please check with our head office before creating any reciprocal links. We regret that we are unable to grant permission for linking with any site that contains content that does not comply with the standards and principles of the EAPC.

Privacy and personal data
For information relating to The European Association for Palliative Care and collection of data please see the privacy statement on our website: https://www.eapcnet.eu/privacy 

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8 August 2017.

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