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A Metaphor Menu for People Living with Cancer

Researchers at Lancaster University have produced a ‘Metaphor Menu for People with Cancer’ – a resource for meaning-making and communication that is freely available for anyone to read and use. Elena Semino (Lancaster University), Sheila Payne (Lancaster University) and Zsófia Demjén … Continue reading

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Laughing at Cancer: Humorous metaphors online

Zsófia Demjén, Sheila Payne and Elena Semino, members of the Metaphor in End-of-Life Care (MELC) project, Lancaster University, UK Representations of cancer and end-of-life experiences are often sombre, if not gloomy, and the idea that you can laugh about cancer … Continue reading

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Metaphor and the patient’s world

The Revd Dr David Southall, Healthcare Chaplain, Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, Worcester, UK, explains the background to his longer article published in the April 2013 edition of Palliative Medicine. Like many people, I have always been fascinated with words. … Continue reading

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Metaphor in End-of-Life Care

Dr Zsófia Demjén, Senior Research Associate, Lancaster University, UK On 1 September, academics from three faculties at Lancaster University began the data collection stage of the ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) funded project ‘Metaphor in End-of-Life Care’. Over 18 months, … Continue reading

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Spirituality, poetry and palliative care

Continuing our new series on Spirituality and Palliative Care where we look at how people deal with crisis and suffering when confronted with life-threatening disease. Today, Dr Frank Brennan, a palliative care physician from Australia, explains the importance of language in … Continue reading

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