It’s time to nominate EAPC board candidates!

Professor Christoph Ostgathe, President of the European Association for Palliative Care, explains how EAPC members can get involved in making their nominations for the next EAPC Board of Directors.

Professor Christoph Ostgathe

All good things must come to an end . . .to allow for an exciting new chapter to begin! After four years (which seem to have passed very quickly), it is time for the members to prepare to elect a new EAPC Board of Directors for 2023-2027.  This year, the voting will take place online in June 2023, with the new Board announced at the EAPC General Assembly on 16 June 2023 during the 18th World Congress of the EAPC in Rotterdam.

It is important that the election process is clear and transparent and most importantly, easy to understand so that our members are given the opportunity to decide who should represent their views for the next four years.

We have set up an election committee comprising board members who will leave this year, having served the EAPC for up to eight years. Thank you is never enough . . . The election committee are Danila Valenti (Italy) and Catherine Walshe (UK).  They will be supported by EAPC’s Chief Executive Julie Ling and the Head Office staff in making sure procedures are followed. In May, we will explain the voting procedures and how the election will happen in June. We will keep our members fully informed, so please keep an eye on the EAPC website, the blog and our social media channels.

What does an EAPC Board member do?

Board members are paying members of the EAPC and are elected for a four year term, with an option to be re-elected once (an eight year term maximum). They are expected to play a significant role in the work of the EAPC, which will help the EAPC achieve its strategic objectives. This will include being involved in the work of the EAPC groups, participating in the congress planning process, contributing to EAPC meetings and congresses and maintaining contact with relevant national associations. Each year there are two two day in-person EAPC Board meetings, with a number of others being held online as required.

Who can be nominated?

To be able to stand for nomination to the board, you need to be a registered paying EAPC member. You should be either an individual member (living or working in Europe), or a member of your national (European) palliative care association. It is important that all membership subscriptions for the year are paid in full to have nomination and voting rights.

Who would make a good candidate?

We would welcome nominations from EAPC members who are actively involved in palliative care, passionate about promoting and developing palliative care, and interested in being part of the EAPC board.

Now is the time to talk with your national membership organisation to seek their support. If you are an individual paying EAPC member, living or working in Europe, and are considering stepping up for nomination, you need to find five other individual paying members who will support you.

The EAPC needs to speak to the broad range of people involved in palliative care. Diversity, equality and inclusion are important to us, and it is essential that our Board reflects this. It is really important for balance that we do not have over-representation from one particular group, and we would encourage and welcome nominations for candidates from a wide and diverse range of professions and countries. 

The current board has done great work. I know the next one will do the same. Who they will be is entirely up to you . . .

Links and resources

  • Find out more about EAPC membership here
  • Go to the EAPC’s Board election page to find out more about being a Board member, nominations and voting.
  • We have answered some frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the elections here
  • Read about the current EAPC board here.

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