Can you capture the essence of palliative care in one image?  Enter the EAPC’s photo competition now!

For today’s blog, we hear from Claudia Sütfeld, EAPC Congress Coordinator, about what makes this competition so special  – and she invites you to submit your entries to the EAPC’s Third International Photography Competition.

‘Palliative Medicine is taking the extra step’, La Seiva, Trinidad, 2021.  Photo by Chelsea Garcia.

We are back! The EAPC photo competition premiered in Berlin 2019, it became established as a Congress highlight in 2021 and we are delighted to announce that the competition is now open for entries for the EAPC 18th World Congress 2023. This competition is open to everyone, not just delegates joining us in Rotterdam in June 2023.

Looking back at all the wonderful photos that you have entrusted to us in the last competitions, it is easy to see that palliative care around the world is the ‘same, same but different’. Your photos allowed us to share with you a very personal point of view of your life and work.

As different as these photos are, they all tell stories of one, single moment which somehow lets us hold onto something for eternity.  In the context of Palliative Care that seems almost strange.

So, we ask you to share what palliative care means to you. The theme for the photo competition is ‘Same, same but different’. Please enter our competition and send us your photos and stories reflecting your vision and views of palliative care.

The winner(s) will be announced during the closing ceremony of the 18th EAPC World Congress 2023 on Saturday, 17th June 2023. To help inspire you, below are some photos from our previous competitions!

How to enter:

Click here to find out more about the competition, how to enter and for conditions of entry.

The deadline for entries is 30th April 2023.

Thank you. Thank you to all who have shared their stories and pictures with us so far, who have given us their view of Palliative Care and thus allowed us to become part of their world. I have said it before and I am happy to say it again: That’s amazing. You are amazing.

‘Pallium’, Kosish-the Hospice, Jharkhand, India, 2021. Photo by Abhijit Dam.
‘Colours and Hope – Helping our palliative care patients to find hope through origami art!’, Malaysia, 2021. Photo by Julia Ho.
Still on the road. Rural palliative care in pandemic times’, Vallirana, Spain, 2021. Photo by Oscar Fariñas-Balaguer.

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