Apply now! Nominate yourself or a colleague for the EAPC World Congress 2023 Researcher Awards.

The annual EAPC Congress is among the most well-known and respected events in palliative care. It hosts healthcare professionals, policymakers, scientists and experts from across the world. The EAPC Researcher Awards are always a highlight, recognising outstanding scientific contributions to palliative care research which significantly impacts clinical practice, education, policy and public advocacy. Prof. Dr. Sandra Martins Pereira and Prof. Dr. Agnes Csikós, Co-Chairs of the Scientific Committee of the 18th EAPC World Congress, tell us more.

The 18th EAPC World Congress in Rotterdam in June 2023 is your chance to nominate yourself or a colleague for the Awards. There are three categories for the Awards.

  • Early Researcher Award: The candidate should be at the early stage of a research career and hold a higher degree (PhD or equivalent).
  • Post-doctoral Award: The candidate should hold a PhD or equivalent, have performed independent research and have a substantial publication list.
  • Clinical Impact Award: The candidate should hold a clinical/academic qualification or equivalent and be involved in clinical research and practice.

Why should you apply? As a winner of the EAPC Researcher Award, you will benefit from:

  • acknowledgement of your work by palliative care colleagues and experts
  • impressive addition to your CV
  • visibility in the scientific and clinical fields, with organisations involved in palliative care and public health
  • networking opportunities and widening your list of contacts; opening doors and conversations with experts in the field
  • opportunities to improve your research, by exploring your research further with experts you meet thanks to the award; sharing information and ideas among scientific, clinical and other areas
  • self-confidence in your research competencies
  • and last, but not least, the experience of being an inspiring example to others who may have doubts about applying and/or especially about self-nominating.

Take a look at the stories of previous winners published on this blog. Professor Mark Taubert, winner of 2019 EAPC Researcher Clinical Impact Award, comments about his award:

‘When I learned I had won, I was elated. But without being overly humble, I was also perplexed, for when you are competing on a world stage with so many worthwhile projects you can’t quite see your own one winning. I really encourage people to apply and demonstrate what they have done. However local your project, there is always some learning, and I do sometimes feel that great projects out there get virtually no further attention. Putting your hard work on a bigger stage may initially feel outside your comfort zone, but it could be seen as a duty, and these awards are about spreading the word very widely. So if you are reading this and are thinking ‘maybe…’, then stop overanalysing and nominate yourself about what you have done!’

Dr Jane Bates, winner of the 2021 EAPC Early Research Award says about her award:

‘Most palliative care research comes from high income countries of the Global North. This award has given me the opportunity to present research from a very different setting which I hope will inform and broaden the perspectives of the EAPC community.  More funding guided by local priorities and perspectives is desperately needed to explore this area across a range of countries and settings.’

Nominate yourself or a colleague for the EAPC World Congress 2023 Researcher Award now.  Find out how to apply here.  The closing date for applications is the 31st January 2023.

We look forward to receiving your application. Good luck and see you at the EAPC World Congress in Rotterdam!

SAVE THE DATE! EAPC 18th World Congress 15-17th June 2023. Find out more here.

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