Palliative Medicine: Paper of the Year Award announced at #EAPC2021


‘Palliative Medicine’ are delighted to be presenting the award for ‘Paper of the Year 2020’ as part of the European Association for Palliative Care 17th World Congress Online. Catherine Walshe, Editor-in-Chief of the journal, tells you more about this year’s winning paper and invites delegates attending the congress to join her tomorrow, Thursday, 7 October at 3pm CET at the award presentation.

Professor Catherine Walshe

Every year, as Editor-in-Chief of the journal, I judge the Paper of the Year together with members of the editorial and editorial advisory board. This year, the judging team included Lorna Fraser, Breffni Hannon and Melissa Bloomer, and thank you to them for their hard work reading and appraising all the papers in the 2020 print issues of the journal.

Choosing a winner was very difficult, with some very high-quality papers vying for the award. However, in the end the judges unanimously agreed to give the award to Emma Chapman and the author team (Zoe Edwards, Jason W Boland, Matthew Maddocks, Lucy Fettes, Catherine Malia, Matthew R Mulvey, and Michael I Bennett) associated with the paper Practice review: Evidence-based and effective management of pain in patients with advanced cancer. Palliative Medicine 2020, Vol. 34(4) 444–453.

Dr Emma Chapman (right) with Professor Mike I Bennett, Director of St Gemma’s Academic Unit of Palliative Care, one of the co-authors of the winning paper

Practice reviews are a new review feature for the journal, focused on clinical issues, with an appraisal and summary of evidence that helps clinicians to understand the evidence about what to ‘do’, what to ‘not do’ and where we have insufficient evidence so we ‘don’t know’. These are underpinned by a rigorous systematic approach so that readers can be assured of the quality of the evidence underpinning the recommendations. This paper has been downloaded nearly 10,000 times since it was published.




If you’re attending the congress, please do join us online tomorrow, Thursday 7 October at 3pm CET when I present the award and congratulate Emma and the team.


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Editorial note :
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