Sustaining Palliative Care Services in the Covid-19 Pandemic – Pre-congress open session at EAPC World Congress Online



Gerrit Frerich

EUPCA’s first Leadership Network Day in 2019 is remembered for the opportunity to share inspiring global leadership experiences. The EAPC welcomes back the European Palliative Care Academy (EUPCA) and the Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) for its second Leadership Day in a pre-congress session on Tuesday, 5 October at 3pm CET. The session is free and open to everyone.

Exchanging experiences is especially important in times of crisis as EUPCA coordinator, Dr Gerrit Frerich (Germany), explains.

We’re delighted to welcome you to our second Leadership Day – it’s free to attend and open to everyone.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste,”  Winston Churchill

The focus of this year’s session is how we can sustain and even expand our palliative care services during the Covid-19 pandemic. The crisis has created many challenges, but also opportunities. Some facilities have had to close, while others have grown. Contact restrictions became an obstacle, but digital formats could maintain successful teamwork. Overwork and burn out became an increasing problem. To continue to provide adequate care, leadership has become a key issue.

The open workshop is organised by the European Academy of Palliative Care (EUPCA) and the Leadership Development Initiative (LDI), Professor Raymond Voltz (Germany) and Professor Frank D. Ferris (USA) will chair the session. A keynote will be given by Professor Charles von Gunten (USA) (pictured below).

Eight Leadership Stories of EUPCA and LDI Alumni…

EUPCA and LDI alumni from different parts of the world will share their experiences in dealing with these new challenges in order to sustain important palliative care services.

Georg Bollig (Denmark) will present the influences of the Covid-19 pandemic on the development of Last Aid International and Last Aid courses for the public.

Shoba Nair, Rajashree KC, Arun Vivek, Ajisha BS, and Shiji VO (India) will talk about the Leadership initiative to maintain a palliative care service in a teaching hospital in India.

Zuzana Křemenová (Czech Republic) will talk about her experience as a leader in the pandemic and will focus on her work as a palliative care consultant in a hospital palliative care team in Prague.

Ladislav Kabelka (Czech Republic) will report their Covid experience with the use of the NECPAL tool for early identification of palliative care needs in the development of a regional palliative care network.

Farzana Khan (Bangladesh) will explain in this context why health partnership and advocacy are two important prerequisites for developing sustainable palliative care in humanitarian camps.

Mark Boughey (Australia) reports on how a pandemic provided the opportunities and influence to achieve maximum and far-reaching impact.

Marius Ciurlionis (Vilnius, Lithuania) will talk about the role of leadership and information dissemination during the pandemic.

Rumana Dowla (Bangladesh), Zipporah Ali (Kenya), Sofia Bunge (Argentina) and Nicolas Dawidowicz (Argentina) will conclude with why advocacy is an essential leadership skill in these times.

Join us on at the Leadership session…

The event is free of charge and open to anyone; just click here to register.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

And if you’re registered for the EAPC World Congress, please join us at the EUPCA/EAPC Leadership Education in Palliative Care Award in the plenary session at 9am CET on Thursday, 7 October.


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