Members matter – join the EAPC community…

Julie Ling, Cathy Payne and Bernadette Pirihi, European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC), invite you to become a member of the EAPC and explain the benefits you will receive.

Left to right: Cathy Payne, Research and Project Officer, Julie Ling, CEO, Bernadette Pirihi, Membership and Accounts Support.

Membership has always been a key part of the EAPC as a way of bringing together people who work in palliative care from a range of perspectives: specialist and generalist clinical practice, education, professional groups, policy and research. From our 42 founding members in 1988, our membership has now grown to 59 member associations from 33 European countries with three from Australia and New Zealand. We also have individual members from 52 countries globally.  So, yes, members matter to us and you are all a vital part of our EAPC community.

But are you really tapping into the resources and benefits that are available to our members?

For example, did you know that if you are a member of one of our affiliated National Association Members you can join the EAPC for FREE, and access the new ‘Members Area’ of our website that is exclusively for members.  It is really easy to do! Please click here to join or renew your membership.

There are many advantages to being an EAPC member, these include:

  • Networking with 59 National Associations and individual members from countries worldwide.
  • Up to 25% discount on EAPC Congress registration.
  • Weekly updates on latest topical issues for best practice in palliative care.
  • Discounts on subscriptions to our two official journals, Palliative Medicine and Journal of Palliative Medicine.
  • Free advertising for palliative care events and career opportunities.
  • Access to our ‘Members Area’ on the EAPC website.
  • A chance to enter our monthly draw for a prize – each month we will have a prize draw for our members. Prizes include books, palliative care journal subscriptions and other great prizes.

So, what is in the Members Only Area?

  • EAPC publications.
  • EAPC documents translated into other languages (currently 26 languages).
  • Access to around 100 full-text articles made available by our two official journals, Palliative Medicineand Journal of Palliative Medicine and some from other journals, including the open archive of European Journal of Palliative Care articles 2018-1994.
  • Access to the first in a series of webinars: Dr Robert Twycross on Reflections to Mark 50 Years in Palliative Care.

We also have plans – and welcome your suggestions

  • We will be launching a programme of webinars that will be free to our members.
  • We are planning a space for discussion and interaction between our members.

What’s important to you as a member?

What would you like to find in the Members Only Area? Even if you are still deciding on whether to join, tell us what might encourage you to become a member! Please email us with your suggestions.

We look forward to strengthening links with our members, to welcoming new ones and to continuing the exchange of expertise, experience and knowledge that you bring to the EAPC.

But even if you decide not to join as an official member, there are still plenty of resources available to non-members via our website and our blog, and we welcome your participation and the contribution that you bring to our community.


  • Visit the EAPC website
  • Individual members are invited to join the EAPC or renew their membership here.
  • Associate Members – all current members of our National Associations are invited to join the EAPC or renew their membership for free, here.
  • Read Dr Robert Twycross’s blog post here.
  • Watch our EAPC video here.

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EXPLORE NEW DIMENSIONS  with us at our 17th  EAPC World Congress Online  6 to 8 October 2021 – with masses of on demand content available until end January 2022.


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