Palliative Care Research: The value of working together

Professor Christoph Ostgathe, President of the EAPC, and Professor Augusto Caraceni, Chair of the EAPC Research Network, emphasise the integral role of the Research Network within the EAPC, and the importance of their work promoting and supporting European palliative care research.   

Prof  Christoph Ostgathe (left) with Prof Augusto Caraceni.

The European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) has always valued research as an integral part of high-quality palliative care. In 1996, this was formalised through the establishment of the EAPC Research Network. The EAPC Research Network (EAPC RN) is a part of the EAPC that aims to be an important focal point for the discussion and exchange of knowledge in palliative care research.

In order to provide high-quality palliative and end-of-life care, it is essential that it is underpinned by methodologically sound research that aims to provide robust evidence. This should include meaningful research questions, rigorous study design addressing any potential limitations and utilisation of a range of research methods.  Research should reflect the multidisciplinary nature of palliative care. There are documented challenges of undertaking research in palliative care, both practical and ethical; however, the need for reliable, valid and generalisable research findings is undisputable. Furthermore, the need to translate findings into changes in practice is essential in ensuring that patients and their families receive the best possible care.  In the last year, during the global pandemic, this has become more obvious than ever.

The EAPC is in a perfect position to be able to promote and support European palliative care research through the EAPC Research Network, which provides an established infrastructure for collaborative research across the region. Under the leadership of Professor Augusto Caraceni, based at the Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori in Milan, the EAPC RN is keen to establish an overview of European research. They plan to do this by providing access to a range of expertise and experienced individuals and groups with an interest in the development of palliative care research, who represent different disciplines and professions and contribute to research opportunities and dissemination beyond the participation in the World Research Congress. The Research network aims to promote the EAPC as an international stakeholder in research policy and additionally through the activities of the EAPC Junior Forum.

The EAPC RN is proud to continue to host the biennial EAPC World Research Congress on behalf of the EAPC. The next congress is planned for May 2022 and will once again be an online congress. The EAPC is currently exploring opportunities to host its first in-person/blended congress since 2019 in Spring 2023.

The EAPC RN Junior Forum (JF) has been re-established and is organising a series of meetings and opportunities for those who are new to research. Chaired by Geana Kurita, and supported by Sandra Martins Pereira (a vice-president, EAPC Board of Directors) and Cathy Payne (EAPC Head Office), the JF has planned an open meeting at the EAPC World Congress Online 2021 and is also planning a range of activities. These will be advertised and promoted through the EAPC social media channels.

The EAPC board and the EAPC RN look forward to many more years of working together to ensure that research continues to be an essential part of the work of the EAPC.

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The EAPC RN offers an open invitation to all healthcare professionals who see the potential and value of conducting collaborative European multicentre research. For further information please email us here.

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