Leadership Education in Palliative Care Award 2021 – Identifying and recognising leaders in palliative care

Left to right: Prof Christoph Ostgathe, Prof Raymond Voltz and Dr Gerrit Frerich.

On behalf of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) and European Palliative Care Academy (EUPCA), Professor Christoph Ostgathe and Professor Raymond Voltz announce the ‘Award for Palliative Care Leadership Programmes 2021’. EUPCA coordinator, Dr Gerrit Frerich, explains more and encourages you to apply for this year’s award.

With the ongoing global demographic change, the need for palliative care is massively increasing. Managing change successfully requires leadership knowledge and skills. Future leaders are palliative care professionals who have the ability to effect positive change, not only in their country by advancing and improving the provision of palliative care, but also worldwide by networking and learning from others.

Given the importance of improving leadership education worldwide, we are delighted to announce the ‘Leadership Education in Palliative Care Award 2021’. This award acknowledges programmes where leadership is developed, recognises excellence, and promotes leadership as an integral and important part of palliative care. The award is presented jointly by the European Palliative Care Academy (EUPCA) and the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC).

What defines a successful leadership programme?

We are seeking leadership capacity building programmes worldwide that strive to develop palliative care at a time when it is needed most. These initiatives could take place in your hospice, hospital, or other palliative care institution – anywhere in the world. An independent jury of internationally renowned experts from the EAPC and EUPCA will select the winner, who will receive the award at a ceremony during the 17th World Congress Online of the European Association for Palliative Care,

which will take place on 6 to 8 October 2021. A representative of the winning institution will receive registration to attend the three-day conference.

Coming soon

The need for quality leadership education has been recognised by the EAPC Leadership Task Force which plans to investigate the core leadership competencies in palliative care. The aim of this work is to aid the quality of international improvements in leadership education. Chaired by Professor Sheila Payne and Professor Raymond Voltz, approximately 200 experts worldwide will be surveyed as part of a Delphi study. First results will be presented at the next EAPC congress in 2022.

Leadership Award Winners in 2019

The second leadership award was presented at the 16th EAPC World Congress in Berlin in 2019 and awarded to: Steve Dewar, Westcott Group, and Jean Hindmarch, Hospice UK, for their Hospice Strategic Leadership Programme. This eight-day programme strengthened hospice leaders and gathered participants from 57 different UK hospices to bring about change.

Apply now for the 2021 Leadership Award

If you believe your institution or initiative fulfils the criteria and should be considered for this exciting award, we would love to receive your application for the 2021 Leadership Award. Deadline for applications: 31 May 2021.


More about EUPCA …
The European Palliative Care Academy is a joint project of four European flagship institutions in Palliative Care. Since 2012, our EUPCA leadership course has enabled future leaders from 29 countries to advance Palliative Care. For information about this, and our soon to be launched International Master of Science, please visit www.eupca.eu

EXPLORE NEW DIMENSIONS  with us at 17th  EAPC World Congress Online


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