International Collaborative for Best Care for the Dying Person. Delphi Study: Consensus on the content of the International Collaborative 10/40 Model

The International Collaborative is undertaking a Delphi Study to gain consensus on the core components of ‘Best Care for the Dying’ – and they would like to invite EAPC members and supporters to contribute…

Rebecca Early, 4th Year Medical Student, Liverpool Medical School, is undertaking a Delphi Study in collaboration with the International Collaborative for Best Care for the Dying Person. 

Rebecca Early.

As a medical student, learning how to provide patients with equitable care – no matter what their diagnosis or location of care ­– is paramount. Caring for people in the last days of life can present a wealth of ethical and moral challenges and a pervasive view exists that good end-of-life care outside of the hospice environment is hard to get right. For example, end-of-life care in the acute and primary healthcare setting is challenged by insufficient mechanisms to identify patients who are nearing the end of life, poor communication between care teams, as well as a lack of guidance with which to inform care delivery at this time.

The 10/40 Model for Best Care for the Dying Person is a model of care which aims to ensure that dying people can be provided with safe, high-quality care by appropriately-educated staff working within a supportive organisational governance structure, wherever they happen to die. The Model was developed by the International Collaborative following a review of the best available evidence in end-of-life-care, and was underpinned by the publication in 2013 by Ellershaw and Lakhani, ‘Best care for the dying patient: Why do so many people die badly when we know how to care for them well?’

To ensure that the 10/40 Model reflects up to date best available evidence and expert opinion, the International Collaborative is undertaking an international Delphi study to assess the importance of the model’s core elements to re-establish an international consensus on what constitutes ‘best care for the dying’. We are inviting responses from healthcare workers with experience of caring for dying patients.

Round 1 of the Delphi Study is open until 12th February 2021. More information and a link to the questionnaire can be found on the International Collaborative website.

Round 2 will open in February, and will be followed by a consensus meeting to agree the content of the 10/40 Model going forward.​

This study is being led within the International Collaborative by Professor John Ellershaw of Liverpool University, Professor Carl Johan Fürst at Lund University, Professor Lia van Zuylen at Amsterdam University Medical Centre.

Please contribute to the Delphi study…

We would greatly value your views in this Delphi study. If you know of anyone else who might like to take part in this study, please share the link to the Delphi, or direct them to the International Collaborative website. For any questions or queries, please email Rebecca Early.

Links and resources

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  • Connect with us @CareForTheDying 

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