Expand your network, improve your research career in palliative care – join us at the Junior Forum session of the EAPC Research Network at #EAPC2020


Ahead of the congress, we’re delighted to give a glimpse of what’s in store at #EAPC2020. Today, Augusto Caraceni (Chair), Geana Paula Kurita and Luc Deliens (Vice-chairs) of the European Association for Palliative Care Research Network (EAPC RN), introduce the work of the Junior Forum and invite you to join them and other colleagues in a live interactive session on 8 October 2020.

Clockwise, l-r: Augusto Craceni, Geana Paula Kurita and Luc Deliens.

The EAPC Research Network Junior Forum (JF) was established in 2008 with the aim of helping junior researchers (young researchers and those who are relatively new to research in palliative care) to become an integral part of the international research scene in palliative care, providing them with possibilities of connecting and working with colleagues worldwide. In just 13 days’ time, we will look forward to welcoming you to a dedicated online Junior Forum session at the 11th European Association for Palliative Care World Research Congress Online. The session will take place on Thursday 8 October 2020, at 7:00-7:50pm CET (View the full interactive programme here). Invited speakers include Professor Eduardo Bruera (MD Anderson Cancer Center) and Dr Eva Schildmann, one of the recipients of the EAPC RN Early Career Researcher Award 2020.

Advice on how to be a successful researcher, and challenges and strategies in improving research skills will be discussed. In addition, the last part of the session will be open for information and discussion regarding Junior Forum aims and activities.

How to join and get the most from the Junior Forum live session

To join this event, you just need to be registered for the main congress and no additional registration is necessary. If you haven’t yet registered for the congress, please register here. We encourage you to view the presentations ahead of the live panel session and to submit questions to the speakers regarding their research. The  congress platform is now live and open to all registered delegates –  just follow the instructions to submit your questions. (All registered delegates were sent an email earlier this week with a unique login to access the platform. It’s an automatically generated email with the subject heading ‘Admin user via (EAPC)’ so please check your Spam folder if it is not in your inbox, or email info@eapcnet.eu).

Who can join the Junior Forum – and what do you get from it?

Researchers and/or clinicians interested in expanding their network and improving their research career in palliative and end-of-life care are welcome to join the Junior Forum. We want to help junior researchers to become an integral part of the international research scene in palliative care, and to help you build up your connections and contacts.

To join the Junior Forum, please complete the application form on the JF webpage and email the Research Network Secretary, Alice Gallivanone.

The EAPC Research Network has been developing an ambitious new programme of activities for the Junior Forum:

  1. Organisation of reference research groups. These groups will develop educational activities and provide support to junior researchers under supervision of senior advisors/colleagues.
  2. Networking with International Research Centres to encourage them to offer opportunities for short duration research placements.
  3. Organisation of a JF session at all future EAPC congresses.

We are looking forward to meeting you all at the online Junior Forum Session on Thursday 8 October at 7pm CET. Remember that the presentations are now available on the congress platform and please pose your questions for the live interactive panel discussion.

Meanwhile, we’d also like to encourage all you researchers to consider entering this year’s Science Slam at #EAPC2020. Read more here and on the EAPC blog.


  • More about the EAPC Research Network Junior Forum here.
  • Follow our Facebook page here.

Keep up to date with latest #EAPC2020 congress news on the EAPC blog.


Masses of on-demand content now available until 31 January 2021. Interactive online sessions 7 to 9 October 2020. 

A blend of: On-demand Sessions, Live Presentations, Live Panels hosted by international experts, Children’s Seminar, Poster Sessions, and EAPC Group Meetings will bring you all of the latest research from the world’s top researchers in palliative care. CME accreditation will be available. Learn and interact with leading researchers and chat with other registered delegates from the global palliative care community – all in the safety of your own home or office. Visit the congress website and register here.

IMPORTANT NOTICE If you are already registered for the congress you should by now have received an email with your personal login to access the congress platform. It’s an automatically generated email with the subject heading ‘Admin user via (EAPC)’. Please do check your Spam folder if you cannot see it in your inbox, or  email info@eapcnet.eu

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