Promoting palliative care on the EAPC blog – our Top Ten posts for the first half of 2019

Here’s a special tribute to all the kind and committed people who spend hours ‘on top of the day job’ writing for the EAPC blog. Avril Jackson, social media lead for the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC), unveils the people behind the most-viewed posts for the first half of 2019.

Avril Jackson.

With a vibrant membership and worldwide contacts, the EAPC has a knack of connecting people, skills and experience that coalesce in our congresses, task forces, reference groups, collaborative projects and, not least, our blog.

In 2019, we published 110 posts from people based in Europe (76.7 per cent), the Americas, Oceania, Asia and Africa. Together, these posts notched up 135,098 views with an average daily viewing of 371. Proof that the EAPC blog is a great place to share your work and for readers to catch up on some of the very latest thinking and personal reflections from practitioners, researchers, academics and others involved in palliative and end-of-life care in Europe and beyond.

So, based on the viewing statistics for the first six months of 2019, we are delighted to announce below the authors of the Top Ten most-viewed posts. Viewing statistics are cumulative throughout the year; thus, to ensure that posts published in the last part of the year are not unfairly disadvantaged, we will publish the results of the Top Ten most-viewed posts from July to December 2019 later this year.

Authors of some of our most-viewed posts of 2019: From top left clockwise: Mark Taubert, Eduardo Garralda, Geana Paula Kurita, Alissa Tedesco, Naheed Dosani and Robert Twycross.

Meet out Top Ten contributors
Just click on the title to read the post.

Mark Taubert, UK: Bringing palliative care to the public: The impact of social media. An interview with Mark Taubert winner of the 2019 EAPC Clinical Impact Award.  

Eduardo Garralda, Spain: New edition of EAPC Atlas of palliative care in Europe

Robert Twycross, UK: Sedation at the end of life.

Christian Goodwin (USA/UK) and Amara Nwosu (UK): Futurism in palliative care: An overview of the palliative care architecture and design symposium pads 2018

Daniel Stow, UK: What is the evidence that people living with frailty have needs for palliative care at the end of life? 

Carla Reigada, Portugal/Spain: APCP Social Work Task Force translates core competencies for palliative care social work in Europe into Portuguese

Geana Paula Kurita, Brazil/Denmark: Building a palliative care research career across borders: An interview with Dr Geana Paula Kurita, winner of the 2019 EAPC Post-doctoral award. 

Alissa Tedesco and Naheed Dosani, Canada: Harm reduction and palliative care: Meeting people where they’re at

Aileen Collier (New Zealand)and Ann Dadich (Australia): How to find and promote brilliant palliative care

Frédéric Guirimand, France: Continuous deep sedation until death: French recommendations.

More authors of our most-viewed posts in 2019: From top left: Carla Reigada and Portuguese Association of Palliative Care Social Work Task Force, Frédéric Guirimand, Amara Nwosu, Christian Goodwin, Daniel Stow, Aileen Collier and Ann Dadich.

We are honoured to have such a prestigious and diverse line-up of contributors who together represent ten countries spread across four continents. And we make no excuses for the fact that two of the above contributors are members of the EAPC editorial/social media team (Mark and Eduardo) – they really do go the extra mile ‘on top of the day job’ volunteering their time to be part of our team, as well as contributing to the blog in their own right.





Congratulations and thanks to the authors of the above posts, and to everyone who has contributed to the EAPC blog. Your hard work and willingness to share is an inspiration to us all.

And please do think about contributing to the blog yourself. Just check out our contributor’s guidelines here. Or contact the editor.


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