Research is fundamental to the future of palliative care. Want to help be part of that future at ‘Palliative Medicine’?

Catherine Walshe, Editor-in-Chief, ‘Palliative Medicine’, the research journal of the EAPC, is looking for someone to join the Editorial Board to help them shape the journal and its role in disseminating research.

Professor Catherine Walshe.

I happen to be firmly in the camp that believes that research, of all types, is fundamental to the future of palliative care. I guess that is unsurprising, given that my ‘day’ job at the International Observatory on End of Life Care at Lancaster University involves conducting research in palliative care, and my other role as Editor of Palliative Medicine involves research dissemination.

I believe that we need research to help us understand the knotty problems that confront us every day in our field, and develop better approaches to care at the individual, service, community and policy levels. Without great research there is potential for us to cause unintended harm, or to waste time with care not proven to be of benefit. Research itself can be wasteful. We know there is duplication of effort, time spent on research that may not be of benefit, and poorly planned and conducted research. Getting research right should be an international endeavour, focused on great questions that matter to people, excellent science, and appropriate dissemination that enables research to influence practice as rapidly as possible.

Will you help us shape the future of the EAPC research journal?

Journals, and their evolving roles, are an important part of this process, and need innovative thinkers to ensure that they are fit for purpose in this new decade and beyond. At Palliative Medicine, the research journal of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC), we are now looking for someone to join us on the Editorial Board to help us shape the journal and the way that we work to disseminate research. We have a vacancy for a new Editorial Board member to contribute to the strategic direction of the journal, write editorials, curate content and act as an ambassador for the journal.

We are proud, as a team, of the way that Palliative Medicine has developed over the years. We have a clear focus on publishing only the best of palliative care research internationally. We work hard to disseminate this research to ensure that it makes a difference to people, practice and policy. Hopefully you don’t only see our research in the journal or databases (but if you do it may be because of the way we focus on titles, keywords, abstracts and key statements), but also hear about it in our podcasts, or see it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You will also see it here, on this blog, with the regular ‘Editor’s choice’ blog posts, which we know can be some of the best-read posts on the EAPC blog, with papers that are then freely available to EAPC members.

But what is next for Palliative Medicine?  Would you like to be part of our Editorial Board team helping us to continue to develop the journal to be the best it can be for the future world of research and practice? Then take a look here:  and either have a chat with me, or submit your application by 29th February 2020.



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