Palliative Care: Surrounding You With Support

This week, the island of Ireland is celebrating Palliative Care Week #pallcareweek…

Karen Charnley, Director, All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care (AIIHPC), explains how good information and support are the cornerstone of this year’s campaign and introduces the ‘Palliative Hub’ and other useful resources for professionals and the public.

Left to right: Karen Charnley, (Director AIIHPC) with Heather Weir, (Vice-Chair) and Fintan Fagan (Chair).

The sixth annual Palliative Care Week coordinated by All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care (AIIHPC) runs from 8 to 14 September 2019.The theme for this year’s campaign is Palliative Care: Surrounding You With Support. It aims to raise awareness of the difference palliative care can make to people with a life-limiting illness or condition, to carers and to families throughout the island of Ireland.

The focus for 2019 is on how people with palliative care needs are being supported by the whole community; including from primary care, from hospice, hospital, nursing home, and wider community support beyond formal health and social care services.  We have collaborated with our partners to produce a series of videos featuring the stories of people living with palliative care needs and these are available during the week.

As we create conversations around palliative care, particularly involving people with direct experience, we hope more people will feel empowered to think about how palliative care could help them. Communities all over the island of Ireland are being encouraged to get involved with a call to action on The Palliative Hub.

The Palliative Hub is a treasure trove of good information and support for everyone with an interest in palliative care on the island of Ireland and beyond. It was created to fill a recognised gap in the palliative care sector for a dedicated website to help people from a variety of backgrounds access and find the information and resources they need.

  • The concept behind both the Children and Young People Palliative Hub and the Adult Palliative Hub is to provide a gateway to information about palliative care on the island of Ireland. The content on the websites has been provided by professionals working in palliative care. Throughout these sites are videos, photos, stories and quotes from those who have availed of palliative care services in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.
  • Caring for Carers is a dedicated resource area providing core information for family members or friends who are providing support to a person who needs palliative care. There are eight main sections with links to useful websites and fact sheets.
  • The Professional Palliative Hub provides online resources for health and social care professionals, researchers and educators. It offers a central repository for these audiences to access key reports, toolkits, guidance documents, links, videos, presentations and other resources. It also provides a dedicated area for researchers to share knowledge, collaborate and produce evidence-based research to change practice through education and inform policy.
  • The Learning Platform provides an online learning environment for both the public and professionals. It also offers an environment for AIIHPC partners to host their own learning materials.

VIEW – Insight into Palliative Care

In a new and exciting development to Palliative Care Week this year, AIIHPC has sponsored the 53rd edition of VIEW independent social affairs magazine. This edition, which focuses exclusively on palliative care, includes articles from well-known ambassadors of palliative care, Dr BJ Miller from the United States and Dr Kathryn Mannix from Britain. Read VIEW here.

How you can get involved in this year’s campaign

AIIHPC coordinates Palliative Care Week with and on behalf of our partner organisations. A range of promotional materials have been produced for the week. They can be viewed here.


One way to get involved is to download our social media frame (here) and share a picture stating what palliative care means to you. And support the campaign by using the hashtag #pallcareweek








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