Leadership in Palliative and End-of-Life Care Workshop – outcomes from Berlin

The first open session on leadership in palliative care was held recently in Berlin at the 16th European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) World Congress. Organised by the European Palliative Care Academy (EUPCA), it presented excellent speakers and welcomed 120 participants. EUPCA Coordinator, Dr Gerrit Frerich (Germany), explains. 

Dr Gerrit Ferich.

We were greatly honoured that this session was introduced by Professor Phil Larkin (Switzerland) and chaired by Professor Sheila Payne (UK), both former presidents of the EAPC. Keynote speaker and leadership expert, Dr Sally Watson (UK), started with new leadership approaches in palliative care and assumptions about leadership. The second keynote speaker, Professor Frank Ferris (USA), spoke about the ‘Global Reach of the Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders’ and his experience with the global Leadership Development Initiative (LDI).

Impact of EUPCA Leadership courses in six countries

Six EUPCA alumni of the three previous EUPCA leadership courses gave insight into their personal leadership development and the practical impact of their projects in different parts of Europe. Coming from six different countries in Eastern and Western Europe, the alumni’s presentations covered Spain, Iceland, Estonia, Slovenia, Poland and Ireland.

EUPCA Alumni network.

Dr Juan Pablo Leiva presented his island-wide training for fire fighters and for clinicians of the Balearic Islandsin Spain to be better prepared in dealing with death and dying.

Asdis Ingvarsdottir, talked about palliative home care in Reykjavik and described future plans and challenges for palliative care in Iceland.

Dr Mari Lõhmus (Estonia) spoke about her ‘Highway to Leadership’. She faced the challenges of leadership much faster than expected, but the broader view the EUPCA course and participants shared on palliative care and leadership helped her to build the essential confidence.

Dr Maja Ebert Moltara explained her ‘Project Butterfly’ that tries to improve palliative care in Slovenia especially by dissemination activities. She pointed out that her collaboration in EUPCA resulted in major impact on national palliative care development.

Alumni and steering committee member, Dr Anna Janowicz, stated that “family carers are no longer left alone”. She shared her experience with successful campaigns for family caregivers as the manager of the Hospice Foundation Gdansk in Poland.

Prof. Michael Connolly (Ireland) outlined his leadership journey. He had learnt that leading aims to transform, challenge, support, advocate, agitate and, above all, support those he works with and for.

The presentations were followed by a lively discussion on what leadership means, especially in palliative care. Alumnus, Emily Dobson (UK), presented the third part of the open workshop, the EUPCA Alumni Platform. The platform is intended to connect EUPCA alumni and to continue supportive communication according to joint funding opportunities, events and work on leadership capacities.

EUPCA director, Professor Raymond Voltz (Germany), concluded with the key messages of this session and unveiled plans for the EAPC Leadership Task Force that will be launched soon.

Professor Sheila Payne with Professor Phil Larkin.

And the last word from Professor Sheila Payne:

“We are highly motivated to bring leadership experience together and foster palliative care pioneering in Europe. The next global networking event should be held at the next EAPC Congress in Palermo!”





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  1. Luisella Magnani says:

    Dear Sheila and Dear Philip, I want to thank You for having received from EAPC Blog this so important email for me. Important for my studies. Important because within these texts I am studying there is the core and breath of my studies in Palliative Care begun in 2010, in Memory of my Little Giampaolo, and in 2017 in Memory of my Mother. For Them I am proceeding millisecondly my studies. What You are creating owing to learning and knowledge translated into best practice is so great because it is Universal. I thank You so much for Your Attention to my words.

    Wherever and Whenever there is a Child or an Adult in Pain am-i-there, with Passion, Compassion and Action, Sincerely, Respectfully, Gratefully, luisella

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