New textbook on palliative care launches at EAPC World Congress in Berlin – #wearepalliativecare: A time to harvest, a time to grow


Prof. Roderick MacLeod, Consultant and Honorary Professor in Palliative Care in Australia and New Zealand, and Prof. Lieve Van den Block, Professor of Aging and Palliative Care in Brussels, Belgium, are co-editors of Springer Nature’s very first textbook on palliative care, which will be launched tomorrow in Berlin.

Prof Roderick McLeod and Prof Lieve Van den Block

Palliative care should be a truly interdisciplinary enterprise. We hope that this has been illustrated by the online release of one of Springer Nature’s Major Reference works, the ‘Textbook of Palliative Care’. And indeed, it was the major reason why we collaborated as intensively as we did over the past few years. Our vision was very clear from the start: to provide a comprehensive, clinically relevant and state-of-the-art book, aimed at advancing palliative care, as a science, a clinical practice andas an art. This implied working with a wide range of experienced and internationally recognised Section Editors and Authors from various regions of the world, various backgrounds, disciplines and professions, and this to produce a helpful and up-to-date resource for practitioners, clinicians, researchers, and policy- and decision-makers worldwide. We are deeply indebted to all of them.

A time to harvest

The Textbook intentionally integrates a wide range of topics of relevance in our field. It includes sections addressing clinical symptom management, care provision and organisational aspects of care in different settings, care in specific disease groups, palliative care emergencies, but also ethics, research, financial and public health approaches and perspectives in palliative care. Many of the authors have provided new insights in the field and challenge the reader’s current conceptions and practices. As palliative care as a discipline and science has been evolving rapidly over the past decades, this Textbook is a timely resource summarising where we are now. It was time to harvest.

A time to grow

Neither the science nor the art of palliative care stands still so we aim to keep this Textbook updated as new evidence and approaches to care arise. The Reference Work is intended as a ’Living Reference‘ with chapters and sections updatable any time. This is only possible via the necessary input from the entire field of palliative care, users and developers, researchers and observers.

A lot of work still needs to be undertaken to help our field grow: we should grow in depth to improve our own knowledge and grow in width to increase our impact in other disciplines and the wider community.

So, what are our priorities for the short term and long term in palliative care and palliative care research? What knowledge is urgently needed? Which discussions are we not having but should have? Please share your thoughts on twitter with us #wearepalliativecare. Each and every one of us can contribute to broadening the horizons of our field.

Please join us at the launch of ‘The Textbook of Palliative Care’

‘The Textbook of Palliative Care’ edited byRoderick D MacLeod and Lieve Van den Block, will be launched at the 16thEAPC World Congress in Berlin. We’re delighted that EAPC President, Professor Phil Larkin, will speak at the launch, which takes place on the EAPC stand at 08:40-08:55 on Friday 24 May. So, if you’re attending the congress, please do join us.


Follow all the EAPC World Congress activity @EAPCvzw #EAPC2019

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2 Responses to New textbook on palliative care launches at EAPC World Congress in Berlin – #wearepalliativecare: A time to harvest, a time to grow

  1. aninia says:

    Dear EAPC team,

    I read your blog with interest, am a volunteer at a hospice in Geneva Switzerland.

    I also work for Sphere, a small NGO that develops, publishes and manages the Sphere Handbook with Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response. The newest edition, published at the end of 2018, contains a new Minimum Standard on Palliative Care. If you are interested in a blog around that standard and its significance, thanks for letting me know.

    All the best

    Aninia Nadig

    • pallcare says:

      Dear Aninia
      Thank you very much for commenting and for your suggestion to contribute to the blog. I am writing to you direct.
      Kind regards Avril

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