Let’s play! The Palliators live at #Berlin2019


Today, Carlo Leget, Vice-president of the EAPC Board of Directors, and Professor of Care Ethics at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht, the Netherlands, invites you to join The Palliators for a spot of music, humour, flexibility and creativity… 

The Palliators: A group of seven palliative care professionals and one ‘volunteer’ from all over the Netherlands. (Carlo Leget is in the back row, second from the right).

One of the things I look forward to every week is my evening playing in a unique band: The Palliators. Started as a joke during one of the breaks at the World Research Congress in Bern last year, The Palliators are a group of seven palliative care professionals and one ‘volunteer’ from all over the Netherlands. With a female nursing home physician on drums, a young and promising psychologist on lead guitar and a radiation oncologist as diva and lead singer, our repertoire consists of songs with a palliative twist.

Everyone knows songs like ‘I will survive’, ‘I’ll be there’ and ‘Knocking on heaven’s door’. But have you heard live on stage those alternative smash hits, such as Abba’s all-time favourite, ‘Does your doctor know?’ or Robbie Williams’ ‘Let me palliate you’?

Playing is essential to human life and flourishing. The joy, fun and magic of children playing together is a great expression of the creative potential that human beings have. It is this same energy and inspiration that we often struggle to keep alive in our lives as grown ups. And although palliative care is about matters of life and death, we all have the experience that playfulness and humour are of great importance until the end of life. Play is an important life phenomenon that expresses itself through us as human beings in self-transcending moments.

Music crosses the boundaries of language and culture

Humour, flexibility and creativity are three things we celebrate when we play with The Palliators. That is what makes the band so special and why our rehearsals are so much fun. And, as a matter of fact, working in a multidisciplinary team and playing in a band have much in common: mastering your own part, listening and attuning to each other, improvising and giving room to each other’s contributions – these are all a part of what makes palliative care so special.

If there is one thing that crosses the boundaries of language and culture it is music. After The Palliators managed to fill the dance floors at national and international congresses in the Netherlands, we are now ready for the next step: the 16thEAPC World Congress in Berlin!

Watch a video of The Palliators playing live at the bedside here.



Join us for an evening of ‘Arts in Palliative Care’ in Berlin on 23 May…

Are you ready to hear former EAPC Early Researcher award winner, Jeroen Hasselaar, perform Queen’s ‘Somebody to love’? Are you curious to hear EAPC Vice-president, Carlo Leget, play and sing Robbie Williams’ song ‘Angels’?

Then, put on your dancing shoes and experience urban Berlin with ‘Arts in Palliative Care’ featuring The Palliators, a Palliative (Science) Slam and ‘New Images in Palliative Care’. The evening’s events take place Thursday 23 May – after the official congress ‘Get-Together’ – and start at 20:00 at Griessmühle, Sonnenallee 221, 12059 Berlin. The Griessmühle is just opposite the ESTREL Congress Center – within a few minutes’ walking distance of the center.


Join us in Berlin at #EAPC2019…

The 16thEAPC World Congress: ‘Global Palliative Care – Shaping the Future’ takes place at the ESTREL Congress Center in Berlin on 23 to 25 May 2019. View and download the full interactive congress programme here.

The ‘Arts in Palliative Care’ session is supported by Stiftung Charité and it’s open to all congress delegates – free of charge plus cash bar and food. Join us at 20:00 on Thursday 23 May at Griessmühle, Sonnenallee 221, 12059 Berlin.

Read more posts relating to #EAPC2019 in the EAPC blog. And also our previously published series, ‘The Arts in Palliative Care’.


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3 Responses to Let’s play! The Palliators live at #Berlin2019

  1. smurra says:

    Really looking forward to this!

  2. Jenny Hunt says:

    Now that’s really great!! Just what we need…..if I could get there I would but am sure it will be very enthusiastically received! Fabulous idea….maybe we should set up a PC band here in Zimbabwe!!!

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