Why my hat’s on for children’s palliative care – #HatsOn4CPC

CELEBRATING HATS ON FOR CHILDREN’S PALLIATIVE CARE – FRIDAY, 12 OCTOBER 2018 – a day to raise international awareness of the work of children’s hospices and children’s palliative care services worldwide. 

Lizzie Chambers, Director of Research and Programmes, Together for Short Lives, and Co-Chair of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) Paediatric Task Force, will be celebrating this important day and explains how you can contribute at a special children’s palliative care session at the EAPC World Congress next year.

Lizzie Chambers in her Viking’s hat for #HatsOn4CPC

This year,  Friday, 12 October is the annual ‘Hats On’ day for children’s palliative care. Alongside the silly posing in Sombreros and Panamas, the day is a vital reminder of the need to really stop and think about the 21 million babies, children and young people around the world who need palliative care. It’s unimaginable to think of these children suffering with pain and other symptoms that could be alleviated and their families having to watch their children suffer. It’s just not right and it’s why I’m so passionate about palliative care being available to all children who need it.

This passion led me to accept the invitation to become co-chair of the newly established EAPC Task Force for children’s palliative care. We were delighted to hear that for the first time we are going to have a full day of children’s palliative care sessions at the next EAPC Congress in Berlin on 23 May 2019. I’m really looking forward to spending a few days in that beautiful city and to hearing and learning from a fantastic programme of speakers. It’s such a golden opportunity to share and showcase our work and research in children’s palliative care.

Join us and submit an abstract on children’s palliative care 

The deadline for abstract submissions is 15 October 2018 and a large part of the programme is made up of submitted abstracts. We are delighted to already have a strong line up of speakers at the children’s palliative care sessions, including Eduard Verhagen, Sat Jassal, Danai Papadatou, Ulrika Kriecsbergs, Lorna Fraser and Boris Zernikow. If you would also like to contribute to the programme, please submit your abstracts (for either oral or poster presentation) via the congress website. We’re really looking forward to reviewing a wide range of abstracts, from different disciplines and from different European countries.

New edition of the Guide to Children’s Palliative Care

I can’t sign off without mentioning that here in the UK, we have just launched our new edition of the Guide to Children’s Palliative Care. We hope this will be a useful tool for colleagues to use across Europe and in other countries of the world to help them to open up conversations about children’s palliative care and to cement children’s palliative care as a ‘must have’ service. We are hoping in the future to work with members of the EAPC Paediatric Task Force to develop a version of the Guide specifically for international audiences, so watch this space and do get involved!


SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT FOR EAPC2019 – deadline for submissions 15 October 2018

If you’d like to contribute to the programme of the 16thEAPC World Congress in Berlin 2019, please submit your abstracts (for either oral or poster presentation). Submit online here. Find out more about the congress here, or register here.

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