Palliative care for everyone, everywhere: International Palliative Care Network Poster Exhibition – 2018

Dr Parag Bharadwaj is the founder of Palliative Care Network, an online platform that promotes the exchange of information and communication across borders. Here, Parag explains how palliative care professionals can showcase their work to a global online audience by entering this year’s poster exhibition.

Palliative Care Networka non-profit organisation, is a volunteer-based grassroots movement. It provides a platform for palliative care professionals to assist each other and improve patient care by promoting the free flow of information across borders. Over the years, Palliative Care Network has impacted millions of lives globally.

Steve Norris MD, Board Member, Palliative Care Network, with Julie Ling, CEO, EAPC.

Among the activities and resources we offer is an annual online poster exhibition, endorsed by the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC), to facilitate the free flow of knowledge across the globe to promote palliative care.

Share your work and spread information across borders …

The International Palliative Care Network Poster Exhibition – 2018 will allow palliative care professionals to network and exchange ideas and to translate knowledge to practice. We encourage individuals, programmes and institutions, universities and organisations to submit and showcase their works and achievements. Participation and access are free.

The first author of posters will receive an e-certificate and there are sponsored awards. Posters that were accepted for the 2018 EAPC World Research Congress will be automatically accepted! Works submitted to other conferences will be considered. Posters will be reviewed by a scientific panel. The exhibition is endorsed by many national and international organisations.

Winning poster 2017 International Palliative Care Network Poster Exhibition: First prize was awarded to Dr Tim Luckett, a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Health at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia.

Comments from previous participants testify to how the knowledge shared brings about changes in practice that in turn lead to improved care of patients.

“This will improve [the] teaching of the medical students as the information has improved my knowledge very much.” Participant from Africa.

“The knowledge gained here will help direct future research.” Participant from UK.

“It is very meaningful for those who are interested in palliative care, particularly from developing country like myself. Keep going!”  Participant from Africa.

“I will see patients from different cultures with a new point of view as far as their end of life care needs are concerned.” Participant from USA.

“They have made me change my attitude as I care for the patients. They make me look at the patient in totality.” Participant from Africa.

Palliative care professionals join the field with the desire to help their patients. The poster exhibition offers a great opportunity to make a world of difference for someone across the globe. Please submit your poster now!



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