EAPC Board Matters: Board members of the European Association for Palliative Care meet in Bologna

Professor David Oliver, University of Kent, UK, and a board member of the European Association for Palliative Care, describes key activities that were discussed at the spring board meeting held in Bologna, Italy, from 20 to 22 March 2018.

Professor David Oliver

The EAPC Board met during a sunny spring spell in Bologna. There are continuing changes in the EAPC with a time of transition to the new headquarters in Belgium, although the administrative headquarters will continue to be based in Dublin with Julie and Eleanor.

EAPC Congresses progressing well

The 10th EAPC World Research Congress will be held in Bern, Switzerland, from 24 to 26 May 2018.  Come and join us in Bern and register now! The official congress hashtag is #EAPC2018 

The EAPC will be celebrating its 30thAnniversary in 2018, which also marks the centenary of Dame Cicely Saunders’ birth, at the Congress in Bern – more on the celebrations to come!

The 16th World Congress of the EAPC will be held in Berlin from 23 to 25 May 2019. The theme will be Global palliative care – shaping the future. There will also be a Paediatric Palliative Care Day held in parallel. Put the date in your diary! Preparations are under way and watch out for further details.

The 11th World Research Congress is to be held in Palermo, Sicily, in 2020 and the 17th World Congress of the EAPC will be held in Helsinki, Finland in 2021.

Bologna, Italy – meeting place for the EAPC board meeting, March 2018

Collaborative projects

The EAPC is co-operating on an increasing number of projects across Europe. We are involved in Erasmus-EDUPAL, a project based in Romania looking at education in palliative care. The EAPC has also been included in 11 bids for funding from the European Union H2020 funding scheme, primarily helping in the dissemination of the results of studies. A lot of work!

The Council of Europe

Professor Phil Larkin, EAPC President, and Dr Tiina Saarto, a board member from Finland, have spoken at the Council of Europe and a Report on Palliative Care in Europe is expected in June 2018. Council of Europe Ministers will consider this later in the year.

Updating the WHO Definition of Palliative Care

The International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC) is chairing a project looking at updating the World Health Organization (WHO) Definition of Palliative Care. Both EAPC and the Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Association (WHPCA) will work in partnership with IAHPC on this important development. An international group of palliative care experts will consider the definition over the coming months, which will then be published for wider consultation.  Watch this space!

Palliative Medicine

Professor Catherine Walsh, a board member and editor of Palliative Medicine, the official scientific journal of the EAPC, reported the increasing influence of the journal which has an increasing impact factor – 4.220 in 2016 – and increasing readership and downloads – 340,000 full text downloads in 2017. Don’t forget that members of the EAPC can obtain a discount on subscription for Palliative Medicine.

EAPC Newsletter

An EAPC Newsletter is being produced and the aim is to send it to all members of the national associations across Europe, giving an update on the work of the EAPC and events across Europe.  Watch out for a communication from your national association or society.

The board welcomes comments and suggestions from members and seeks to look at the development of palliative care throughout Europe, and in collaboration with other organisations across the world. This is the opportunity to become more involved – take it now and use the EAPC BlogTwitter, Facebook and Linkedin to connect with us.

Anyone is welcome to contact the President, Professor Phil Larkin, or the Chief Executive Officer, Dr Julie Ling. Please email them here.

Join the EAPC palliative care social media community

You can read earlier posts about EAPC Congresses and EAPC activities on the blog.


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