EAPC Board Matters: Board members of the European Association for Palliative Care meet in Dublin

Professor David Oliver, University of Kent, UK, and a board member of the European Association for Palliative Care, describes key activities that were discussed at the autumn board meeting held in Dublin, Ireland, on 17 to 19 October 2017.

Prof David Oliver

The past two years have been a period of transition and now, with our new base in Belgium, we are looking at consolidation and growth for the next two years of the current board. A wide-ranging agenda was set for our meeting and this blog post aims to give you an overview of the important topics that the board discussed.


Our EAPC Board colleague from France, Anne de la Tour, is also president of SFAP, the French palliative care association. Anne is busy with the national association and therefore made the decision to resign from the EAPC board. She will be replaced by Dr Sébastien Moine. Sébastien is a French doctor, currently working with Professor Scott Murray in Edinburgh. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Anne for her hard work on the board – we will miss her – and to welcome Sébastien.

EAPC Congresses  – Plans are progressing well. The 10th World Research Congress will be held in Bern, Switzerland from 24th to 26th May 2018. Abstracts are being accepted until 31st October 2017. Join us in Bern and register now!

2018 is a significant year in palliative care. The EAPC will be celebrating its   30thAnniversary and 2018 also marks the centenary of Dame Cicely Saunders’ birth, both of which coincide with the Bern Congress. More on the celebration to come! Follow us at #EAPC2018.

The 16th World Congress of the EAPC will be held in Berlin from 23rd to 25th May 2019. The theme will be ‘Global palliative care – shaping the future’. Please put the dates in your diary!

World Health Organization (WHO) – The EAPC is continuing to build links with the WHO. EAPC CEO Julie Ling recently attended the WHO European Regional Meeting in Budapest. This important area of influence will continue to develop.

European Union (EU) – Professor Phil Larkin, EAPC President, spoke at a meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels earlier this year and a report on palliative care is being prepared for publication in 2018 by the Council of Europe, which may influence the development of palliative care in the EU over the coming years. Phil Larkin and board member, Professor Tiina Saarto, will address the Council in January.

The EAPC has been represented at the Civil Society Forum (CSF) on Drugs and the EAPC was included in the recent Intercessional Meeting of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna. Professor David Oliver, a board member and member of the EAPC representative on the EU CSF on Drugs was asked to be a panelist at the section of the meeting considering the accessibility and availability of controlled drugs – see blog post.

The EAPC is now based in Belgium. Pictured here the ‘Carpet of flowers’ in the Grand Place, Brussels.
Image: Collectorofinsignia, Wikimedia

Social media – growing from strength to strength! There has been a further 27 per cent increase in EAPC social media use over the past year. The average number of views of the blog posts is currently 270 per day from 182 countries worldwide and we now have 4,345 followers on Twitter, from 45 countries.

Anyone may register to receive an email notification each time an article is published on the blog – or follow us on Twitter @EAPCOnlus. See all our social media links below.

EAPC Taskforces and Reference Groups – There are currently 14 EAPC taskforces and five Reference Groups working on projects on a range of topics. The most recent taskforce on refugee and migrant health was approved by the board at this meeting. More details on taskforces/reference groups can be found here. We are always keen to hear from our members – if you have an idea for a new taskforce project please email Julie Ling our CEO.

EAPC Newsletter – An EAPC Newsletter is being produced and the aim is to send it to all members of the national associations across Europe, giving an update on the work of the EAPC and events across Europe. Look out for a communication from your national association or society.

The board welcomes comments and suggestion from members and seeks to look at the development of palliative care throughout Europe, and in collaboration with other organisations across the world.

Anyone is welcome to contact the President, Professor Phil Larkin, or the Chief Executive Officer, Julie Ling. Please email them here.

Join the EAPC palliative care social media community

10th EAPC World Research Congress 2018 – Submit your abstract now! Deadline for submissions 31 October 2017


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