EJPC Palliative Care Policy Development Award welcomes nominations

Professor Julia Riley, Editor of the European Journal of Palliative Care, encourages nominations for this year’s EJPC Award. Professor Riley is also Clinical Lead, Coordinate My Care; Palliative Care Consultant, Royal Marsden and Royal Brompton Palliative Care Service, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK.

Professor Julia Riley

Professor Julia Riley

The 15th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care in Madrid will mark the fourth time that the prestigious EJPC Palliative Care Policy Development Award acknowledges another champion in the field.

These champions have made substantial contributions to policy development through their research or clinical practice or as policy activists.

Now is your time to make a nomination for 2017’s award. In previous years it has been both humbling and exciting to read of the achievements of many of our colleagues all over the world, some of whom we knew and others who had quietly worked in the background, achieving great things. By making a nomination, you will highlight exemplars from whom we can all learn. Each nominee will be informed, which in itself is an acknowledgement and a way of raising the profile of those who are mentors, masters, teachers and gurus in palliative care. A winner will then be selected.

The winner will join a group of esteemed award recipients:

Dr Olga Usenko

Olga Usenko

2014 Dr Olga Usenko – Transformation of pain and palliative care in Russia. (You can read an interview with Olga here as well as her post on the EAPC Blog).




Dr Emilio Herrera

Emilio Herrera

2015 Dr Emilio Herrera – New models of care in Spain and Columbia. (Read Emilio’s post on the EAPC Blog about the work that led to his award).





Nathan Cherny

2016 Prof Nathan Cherny – A pioneer in the integration of oncology and palliative care. (Read an interview with Nathan here.)

Please make your nominations now
We all need to hear about these remarkable people and discover what work they are doing globally to enable more patients to die with dignity.

How to write a nomination
Try to convey in your nomination the passion that the person you are nominating has demonstrated for their cause. I hope to be awarding the prize to your colleague at the closing ceremony of the 15th World Congress of the EAPC in Madrid next May. But most of all I look forward to being inspired by the work of the nominees.

ejpclinkedinHow to apply for the EJPC Palliative Care Policy Development Award
Visit the nominations website and complete your nomination online. Deadline for nominations: 31 March 2017.


new-new-eapc17_header_960x211The EAPC wishes all our readers a very happy New Year . . .

We hope to see you at the 15th EAPC World Congress – Progressing Palliative Care – in Madrid. Take advantage of the Early Bird Registration rate offering significant savings for delegates. But hurry, Early Bird Registration closes on 15 February 2017. You can still register after this date on the congress website but at higher rates. You can also book your accommodation via the congress website.




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