Welcome to The Danish Corner – Meet Danish palliative care professionals at the EAPC World Congress in Copenhagen

EAPC DenmarkA non-profit stand at the EAPC Congress in Copenhagen will demonstrate integrated multidisciplinary palliative care by a joined-up group of professionals in Denmark. Mai-Britt Guldin, Clinical Psychology Specialist, Senior Researcher in The Palliative Care Team, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark, explains.

Mai-Britt Guldin

Mai-Britt Guldin

On 8 May the 14th EAPC World Congress opens in Copenhagen. It is with great pleasure and much anticipation that the Danish professional field of palliative care welcomes delegates from across the world to the Congress. We hope you’ll visit our non-profit stand, The Danish Corner, which aims to demonstrate our efforts for interdisciplinary teamwork in daily practice. This is the place to meet Danish palliative care professionals and enjoy a decent cup of coffee!

Building bridges in the multidisciplinary professional field
During the planning of the congress, we had a vision to present the professional field of palliative care in Denmark collectively. And what better way to present it, and to get to know colleagues from all over the world, than by an integrated multidisciplinary stand at the congress. The Danish Corner stand has been organised collaboratively by all three Danish EAPC membership organisations: the Danish Association for Palliative Medicine, Danish Nurses in Palliative Care and the Danish Psychological Association, in cooperation with the national network organisation, Danish Multi-Disciplinary Cancer Groups for Palliative Care, and PAVI – Knowledge Centre for Rehabilitation and Palliative Care. Non-EAPC membership professional associations in palliative care in Denmark will also participate.

Mai Britt logoMeet the Danish professionals
At the stand you will meet: doctors, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, social workers and chaplains and have the chance to talk about daily clinical practice in palliative care. Representatives from the national network of professionals (DMCG-PAL) and PAVI – Knowledge Centre for Rehabilitation and Palliative Care will be on hand to inform you about national collaborations to raise awareness about palliative care and strengthen quality of clinical care at a national level.

Professionals from the different disciplines can explain how interdisciplinary work is integrated into caring for patients and families. And you can hear about how we are working together in policy-making, and how we are building a framework for the development of palliative care, national recommendations and clinical guidelines in Denmark. The Danish Corner stand is a symbol of inter-professional collaboration as the dynamic key to strengthening palliative care in our healthcare system for the benefit of patients and their families. 

coffeeJoin us at the Danish Corner!
We invite you to come along to our stand for an informal discussion. This is a place to collaborate, network and exchange knowledge with your colleagues while we offer you a good cup of coffee and Danish sweets. We hope to contribute to the congress by raising awareness of interdisciplinary work in palliative care, networking and sharing knowledge and future visions to meet the complex challenges faced by us all in our work with palliative care. 

See you in Copenhagen soon!


EAPC congress 2015

EAPC Congress update…
If you’re joining us at the  14th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care – Copenhagen, Denmark, 8-10 May, you can now download the final programme and the book of abstracts.

Follow all the Congress events on Twitter @EAPCOnlus the official Congress hashtag is #eapc2015

EAPC Kongres update
Vi ses på the 14th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care i København, Danmark, d. 8-10 maj, 2015. Du kan downloade det endelige program her: (final programme) og abstractbogen her: (book of abstracts).

Du kan følge med på Twitter @EAPCOnlus – vores officielle kongres hashtag er #eapc2015



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