Greetings to all our readers…

eapc-card-2014-5With many thanks to everyone for supporting our work during the past year – for contributing, commenting, helping with translation, following us and the less visible ways in which you help us. We couldn’t do it without you…

The EAPC blog will take a break now but we hope that you’ll join us again on 5 January 2015.

With all good wishes from the EAPC head office and social media team.
Sheila Payne, Heidi Blumhuber, Julie Ling, Amelia Giordano, Silvana Gori, Lukas Radbruch, Esther Schmidlin, Irene Murphy, Nicoleta Mitrea, Carlo Leget, Anthony Greenwood and Avril Jackson.

PS If you’d like to start off the new year by contributing to the blog, please download a copy of the contributor’s guidelines

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1 Response to Greetings to all our readers…

  1. Andrea Manazza says:

    Merry Christmas to all of you

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