EAPC Board matters

Dr David Oliver, Board member of the European Association for Palliative Care, Consultant in Palliative Medicine at the Wisdom Hospice, Rochester, and Honorary Reader at the Centre for Professional Practice, University of Kent, explains some of the key issues that were discussed at the recent board meeting of the EAPC.

Dr David Oliver

Dr David Oliver

I’m one of 14 members of the EAPC Board of Directors. We meet twice a year for our board meetings, which are meticulously organised by head office staff and chaired by Professor Sheila Payne, our president. Choosing a location that is both reasonably priced and easily accessible is vital because our board members come from across Europe and as far as Israel. This year, on 5-6 April, we met in Budoni in Sardinia. The agenda is always packed reflecting the diverse activities that the EAPC is involved in. Here’s a quick glimpse of what we discussed in Budoni.

Encouraging new members to stand for election to EAPC Board
In 2015, there will be elections for vacancies on the board. Candidates are sought from all over Europe, but especially from non-physicians, from Central and Eastern Europe and (dare we say it!) members under 45 years old. If you’d like to consider standing for election in 2015, you’re welcome to contact any member of the board for an informal discussion.  Or, write to the EAPC Secretariat

Recruitment of a new CEO
The EAPC head office is undergoing reorganisation, as Heidi Blumhuber will be retiring soon after 24 years in post. A new chief executive officer is being sought and will be appointed this year. (More information here).

Spring flowers in Budoni

Spring flowers in Budoni

Working with other organisations
One of our strengths as a European membership organisation is the opportunity for greater collaboration with European and international organisations. The EAPC is now formally represented on the European Society of Medical Oncology by our board member from Finland, Prof Tiina Sarto, and there’s ongoing involvement with the Maruzza Foundation and the European Union of Geriatric Medicine Society to improve palliative care for older people. We are also involved in three European Union projects:

  •  ATOME  – a five-year programme ending this year looking at access to opioid medication in 12 Central and Eastern European countries
  • InSup-C  – investigating integrated care for people with advanced cancer and chronic disease
  • PACE-FP7 – started on 1 February 2014, this project looks at improving palliative care in nursing homes across Europe.

Internationally, we have close links with the International Children’s Palliative Care Network and have endorsed the nomination of two representatives from Europe: Dr Anna Garchakova, Belarusian Children’s Hospice, Belarus, and Barbara Gelb, Together for Short Lives, UK, and we’re collaborating with the African Palliative Care Association on a survey around volunteers in Europe and Africa. We’ll also be following closely the outcomes of the World Health Assembly on 19–24 May, as we have been part of the wider organisations that have been lobbying for the inclusion of palliative care.

Congresses and meetings
Put the dates in your diary now and visit our website for latest information.

  • 8th EAPC World Research Congress in Lleida, Spain  – 5-7 June 2014
  • 14th EAPC World Congress in Copenhagen 7-10 May 2015
  • 9th EAPC World Research Congress in Dublin 9-11 June 2016.

EAPC task forces
Several working groups and task forces are looking at various aspects of palliative care – including heart disease, euthanasia and assisted dying, care of older people, education, neurology, and nursing education. White Papers, publications and reports will be available soon.

EAPC social media activities
Our social media presence continues to increase. More articles in more languages are published on the blog, with an average of 173 views per day, while wider use of Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin is opening up more discussion. While most of our blog readers are from Europe, our international audience is also growing fast with a big following in the US. New EAPC research activities are often featured on the blog, particularly ATOME and InSupC. The EAPC welcomes comments and ideas from members – the aim is to share information across Europe and the Board is keen to hear from members and others working in palliative care. Please use our social media contacts and feel welcome to contribute.  Anyone is welcome to contact the President, Professor Sheila Payne.

Find out more…
Please visit our website to find out more about congresses, task forces and special projects. Members and registered users can also download many free publications including White papers and EAPC recommendations. 


webbanner_largeSee you at the 8th EAPC World Research Congress in Lleida, Spain. 5-7 June 2014. Follow us on Twitter @EAPCOnlus – our official congress hashtag is #eapc2014 

Nous aurons le plaisir de vous accueillir au 8ième Congrès Mondial de Recherche de l’EAPC en Espagne du 5 au 7 juin 2014. Suivez-nous sur Twitter @EAPCOnlus avec le hashtag officiel #eapc2014


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