Palliative Medicine – plans for 2013 and beyond

Dr Catherine Walshe, Editor-in-Chief, Palliative Medicine, and Lecturer in Nursing at the University of Manchester.

Dr Catherine Walshe

Dr Catherine Walshe

Palliative Medicine, the research journal of the EAPC, is delighted to announce some changes in 2013 that we hope will improve the journal, and particularly its service to authors. The eagle-eyed among you may already have noticed our fresh new cover design (which began with the January 2013 edition) which now adorns our print edition and features on our website, Twitter (@PalliativeMedJ) feed and Facebook page.  We hope you like it. We think its distinctive look will help it to stand out from other journals and hope that a redesign communicates our continued desire to continue to move forwards as a journal.

Now 10 editions a year
More important than any cosmetic changes though, is our move this year to increase the print frequency of the journal. Palliative Medicine has been published eight times a year for the past 10 years, having increased incrementally from a modest two editions a year in 1987. In the last decade we have seen significant year on year increases in the number of submitted articles. Whilst we remain committed to publishing only the highest quality of research submitted to us, we felt the time was right to move the journal to publish 10 times a year. We envisage that this will decrease our turnaround time from submission to print publication, although of course all articles are available OnlineFirst  before they are assigned to a print publication, and can be accessed and cited from that point.

A fresh new look: Palliative Medicine

A fresh new look:
Palliative Medicine

Working with reviewers

We also continue to work hard as an editorial team to streamline our processes so that you get feedback from us as quickly as possible as to the status of your submission and eventual outcome. The process that continues to take most time is the allocation of reviewers and their submission of timely reviews. We understand all too well, as clinicians and researchers ourselves, the competing demands on reviewers’ time. If you can’t complete a review in the timescale we suggest, that’s fine, just let us know straight away and we can invite other reviewers. Much of the delay is waiting a considerable time for replies, which then has a knock-on effect on subsequent invitations to review. We’re keen to work much more closely with reviewers to enable them to review more effectively, and so we plan to run a workshop for reviewers at the EAPC congress in Prague this year (08h00 on Friday 31 May) – watch this space for details!

And finally, we are always keen to get suggestions and feedback from our readers, reviewers and authors, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Good news for EAPC members…
EAPC members get a reduced price subscription to the journal. EAPC members and registered users of the EAPC website can access the ‘Editor’s choice’ paper and EAPC-originated papers from each edition of the journal free of charge via the EAPC website.

Coming up…
Follow this blog for upcoming posts from authors of the ‘Editor’s choice’ articles, published in the January and February editions of Palliative Medicine.


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