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Lukas Radbruch, Chair of the Scientific Committee for the 13th World Congress of the EAPC in Prague, 30th May – 2nd June 2013; and members of the EAPC Social Media Team: Sheila Payne, Esther Schmidlin, Katalin Hegedus, Heidi Blumhuber, Amelia Giordano, Anthony Greenwood, Farina Hodiamont and Avril Jackson. 

Prague Charter logoPrague Charter: Relieving suffering
The European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC), International Association for Palliative Care (IAHPC), Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance (WPCA) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) are working together to advocate access to palliative care as a human right. Last week they launched the Prague Charter: urging governments to relieve suffering and ensure the human right to palliative care.

In many countries palliative care is not available at all, or access to it is very limited. This causes millions of severely ill or dying people to suffer from pain and other preventable or treatable symptoms. This is true not only for patients with cancer but also for those with advanced heart, lung or kidney diseases, and progressive neurological diseases or from treatment resistant infectious diseases such as HIV /AIDS or tuberculosis. Palliative care also offers improved quality of life even for people in late stage dementia.

So far, 708 people have signed the petition. Please support and sign the Prague Charter “Palliative Care: a human right”. Your signature will help to support the initiative to recognise palliative care as a human right and improve access to palliative care worldwide. The full text of the declaration can be found on the EAPC Prague Charter website.

We need your stories…
Signing a petition is one thing, but we know what this is really about: the distress and suffering of severely ill and dying patients who are not able to access good palliative care. If we want to touch people’s hearts we have to communicate at the most personal level: by telling true stories. For this we need authors who would be willing to write such a story. We are going to publish these stories on the EAPC Prague Charter homepage.

The aim of the stories is to show why there is a need for a human right for good palliative care, either by describing a worst case scenario that you have experienced or by describing a bad situation that was made better by palliative care.

We will collect stories from Europe as well as from all over the world, as we want to demonstrate that the EAPC Prague Charter is not just some theoretical exercise about unknown people in far away countries, but that this is about ourselves and our families.

So if you, one of your colleagues, one of your patients or a family member wants to share a story, please send it to

We will report on the progress and the results of the Prague Charter, which will also be a major focus point in the next World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care in Prague in May 2013, which focuses on “Palliative care – the right way forward”.

Yes, we can do this – but not without your help.

Please support the Prague Charter – sign the petitionPrague Charter QR Avaaz

More information on the EAPC Prague Charter homepage.Prague Charter QR EAPCwebsite

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