How was the EAPC World Research Congress for PhD students?

Martin Loučka, Evangelia Papavasiliou and fellow PhD students of the EURO IMPACT project

PhD students of the EURO IMPACT project

PhD students of the EURO IMPACT project at the 7th EAPC World Research Congress in Trondheim

Several blogs have been already posted here about the 7th EAPC World Research Congress held from 7-9 June in Trondheim. This event was full of interesting presentations and discussions and for researchers and practitioners in palliative care it is definitely a great opportunity to share their experiences, meet old friends and get a new motivation for further work. We would like to add some thoughts about how it was for us, the PhD students from the EURO IMPACT (the European Intersectorial and Multi-disciplinary Palliative Care Research Training) project.

As part of our project we also attended a special pre-congress programme before the actual conference. All sessions were an interesting and worthwhile experience. They allowed us to explore various issues in palliative care research such as challenges in multicultural research by Dr Marjolein Gysels, Dr Barbara Gomes, Professor Joachim Cohen and Dr Lucy Selman. We also had an excellent workshop on writing skills provided by Dr Catherine Walshe, Professor Sheila Payne and Dr Sarah Brearley. The pre-congress programme was a good preparation for the next days as a lot of issues covered were related to the work presented during the EAPC congress.

Here are some of the fellows’ thoughts on the best aspect of the whole week in Trondheim:

Evie Papavasiliou (Lancaster University, UK): “There couldn’t have been a better starter for the congress. Hope this whole idea of pre-congress events for PhD students is established as a key part of the programme of every congress to follow.”

Winne Ko (National Cancer Institute Genoa, Italy): “It’s a great time to share knowledge and meet researchers from all around the world!”

Maaike De Roo (VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands): “Networking with other people in the field, to see what they are working on… meeting with the experts (eg writing workshop by Dr Walshe) and especially for us as EURO IMPACT fellows being able to approach them…”

Martin Loučka (Lancaster University, UK): “I really enjoyed the pre-congress training as well as the opportunity to meet the researchers from so many different countries and backgrounds. And I am looking forward to meeting them again next year in Prague – my home country!”

David Blum (NTNU Trondheim, Norway): “It was nice to see the common agreement despite all different definitions of palliative care/supportive care/end-of-life care…”

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Click here to find out more about the EURO IMPACT project.

Join us in Prague at the 13th EAPC World Congress: palliative care the right way forward – 30 May-2 June 2013.

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