The European Journal of Palliative Care – the journal of the EAPC

Dr Julia Riley, Editor, European Journal of Palliative Care and
Joel Barrick, Chief Sub, European Journal of Palliative Care

European Journal of Palliative CareThe EJPC is designed to be of direct and practical relevance to the diverse range of individuals involved in palliative care. The journal aims to help them develop their skills and broaden their knowledge base, by covering all aspects of the care of patients suffering from advanced, incurable disease.

The popular ‘Case study masterclass’ series presents a study of a patient along with a set of questions, to allow readers to challenge themselves and refresh their knowledge of the area.

Partnership with the EAPC
The EJPC was founded in 1994 as the official journal of the EAPC. As part of this collaboration, the EJPC is the first place of publication of many of the EAPC’s guidance documents and White Papers on palliative care topics, while the ‘European insight’ series provides a platform for palliative care organisations to explain their work and raise awareness of their aims. These papers/articles, along with the EJPC Editor’s Comments,  can be accessed on the EAPC website by following the links given.

Could you write for us?
The EJPC has always sought to highlight the role nurses play in palliative care, and we would like to invite articles written for – and importantly from – a nursing perspective. If you wish to share your experiences or tell us about a project you have been involved in, please get in touch at 

The EJPC is also keen to raise awareness of palliative care provision in Eastern Europe, exploring the challenges faced by those working in this area and celebrating the progress made. If you would like to inform our readers about your work – or that of your organisation – again, please get in touch at

Finally, we would also welcome contributions to two of our occasional series: ‘A day in the life of…’ is a long-running series revealing the fascinating working lives of different members of the palliative care team; while the next issue of the journal will see the launch of a new series looking at the provision of spiritual care across Europe. Again, if you would like to contribute to either of these, get in touch at

Don’t forget…
Members of the EAPC receive discounted subscription rates to the EJPCclick here  to find out more and subscribe online.

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