Growing the global community in palliative care – #hpmglobal tweetchat

Jim Cleary, MD, Palliative Care Physician, UW Carbone Cancer Center, and Director, Pain and Policy Studies Group, Wisconsin, USA

The world of social media is certainly an interesting one. Email, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest… all having an impact of various degrees on the way we interact and communicate.

As Twitter expanded, users created opportunities to bring together the growing community around a subject (#hashtag) to have ‘live’ discussions for a period of time. @ctsinclair and @rfberry started the #hpm (hospice and palliative medicine) Tweetchat that occurs most Wednesday nights in the USA. This has been a great opportunity for the hospice and palliative medicine community to get together under the direction of a moderator and discuss important articles and issues in real-time. However, due to the timing of this chat, it has been largely North American-based. Creating a further chat at an early morning time in the US, has opened up the opportunity to engage the world over. This is especially true with the northern hemisphere starting daylight saving and those in the south completing it.

So now, every Monday at the following times you can join other hospice and palliative medicine professionals in #hpmglobal tweetchat.

Every Monday at:

  • 1pm (13h00) in London
  • 2pm (14h00) in Rome, Paris and Berlin
  • 3pm (15h00) in Bucharest, Ankara and Tel Aviv
  • 4pm (16h00) in Moscow.

I hope you can join and even think about moderating one of these chats. You can get instructions on how to join Tweetchat.

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