EAPC Task Force on Family Carers – share your research

Professor Sheila Payne and Professor Gunn Grande, members of the Task Force on Family Carers

A little initiative goes a long way and this is your chance to share your research about family carers in palliative care contexts. We are delighted that two members (Professor Sheila Payne and Professor Gunn Grande) of the EAPC Task Force on Family Carers have been selected to prepare a special issue of Palliative Medicine, which is the scientific journal associated with the EAPC. Here is the link to the call for papers.

The EAPC Task Force has already published a ‘white’ paper in the European Journal of Palliative Care which draws together the evidence about the role of family carers and how best to support them. Visit the EAPC website download a copy of the white paper.

Supporting patients to enable them to die at home presents considerable challenges for carers. An increase in the number of patients requiring support during the final phase of life, and a lack of capacity of community services to meet demand, may increase distress of family carers and creates additional pressures on them. The implications of this may be a breakdown of care with the patient having to be transferred to an institutional care setting.

To address this, we are seeking to publish the best research, which both helps to identify the problems and importantly offers innovative solutions in how, when, and where, to offer support to those people who are most important in our patients’ lives.


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