LDI 2nd cohort – a Serbian perspective on the course

Snezana Bosnjak, MD, PhD, Research Professor, Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

I am honoured to be selected to participate in the International Palliative Care Leadership Development Initiative (LDI). For more than 10 years I have been actively involved in educational activities in palliative care, in efforts to improve drug availability and relevant policy and in attempts to introduce the philosophy of palliative care to Serbia. However, I have never had formal leadership training.

This course is already helping me to clarify the concept of leadership as well as to become aware of the opportunities to develop the leader within me and select my own leadership style. The first residential course was a chance to go inside myself and to start learning which qualities and skills I need to develop and refine. We had an opportunity to learn from leading experts in leadership and palliative care and interact with lovely, courageous and determined participants from all over the world.

All of us have been able to accomplish many things in our countries, but I see LDI as ‘the strawberry on the cake’, the final perfect touch that will make all the difference and will help us to do what we have to do but in a more structured way, with more confidence, competence and less stress. I am thankful to the whole team at San Diego Hospice and especially Frank Ferris and Shannon Moore, the principals responsible for the LDI, and the funders: Open Society Foundation, Office of International Affairs of the National Cancer Institute and The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

Good luck Cohort 2!

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