LDI, 2nd cohort – an Albanian perspective of the course

Dr Ali Xhixha, medical team leader, Ryder Albania Association, Tirana, Albania

The first residential course of the second cohort of the Leadership Development Initiative (LDI)  was held in San Diego on 5-12 February. I am grateful and excited I am participating in this programme, one of the most prestigious initiatives in the field of palliative care.

I have just come back home from an unprecedented opportunity, being part of the first residential course held in San Diego. There were wonderful days among wonderful people from different countries and different cultures, really a nice experience for me. I saw and I felt a lot of human values between people and professionals of different cultures; mentors and leaders from Africa, Europe, Asia and America were together, learning and sharing the best practices and experiences. I had the opportunity to feel the support from the mentors and the coaches of the LDI team. Relationships and feedback with participants were so intensive and amazing.

LDI will provide me with the ability to make a real impact on my patients in my local community and help me to advance other developments of palliative care regionally and nationally in a global context.

I want to thank all the funders; Dr Ferris and Dr Moore the principals responsible for LDI, the whole team, they made this programme possible. The way this programme is composed is extraordinary and I am sure this will help me in my own personal development.

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